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Add menu item accelerator locking toggle to GTK+ Theme Control plugin

Reported by: gvy Owned by: deryni
Milestone: Patches welcome Component: pidgin (gtk)
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It might be way more usable (and less embarrassing) if shortcut adjustment were a feature specifically enabled in preferences so that accidental modification[1] wouldn't have left a person wondering.

I've just been through exactly the same story as described in [2] (on the "local linux guru" side), and while remembering good ol' days when keyboard shortcuts were changeable the same way in gimp 1.x, I didn't manage to come up with the idea that accidentally pressing Alt followed by a key in conversation window would change the "New instant message" shortcut and require selecting that menu item and hitting Backspace.

Popping up a confirmation dialog might help too -- like:

Achtung, you're going to reassign the keyboard shortcut for this menu item. Are you really really sure you did mean exactly this or should we just get over it?

[x] show this next time

Thanks in advance.



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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by deryni

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This is a GTK+ feature, popping up a dialog is likely to be incredibly annoying, simply hitting alt-<key> is not enough to do anything you need to be hovering over a menu item when you hit it (I'm constantly astonished that people hit these keys when hovering over menu items, I'm not exactly sure what they expect to happen at that point), this feature of GTK+ can be disabled and GNOME has (over the years) gone back and forth on whether they think the default should be on or off (I believe they currently have it turned on by default).

I will admit that I think being able to bind non-modified keys is rather stupid (though I'm sure for non-text applications it is rather useful) and it may be worth looking into seeing if we can prevent that specifically (as that is almost always what people who run into this have a problem with). A quick look at the GTK+ docs doesn't indicate that we have an easy way of preventing some keys from being accepted unfortunately.

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by gvy

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Hm, and what about disabling this by default for Pidgin with a knob to turn it on in conscience? :)

There was a somewhat similar experience the other day when daddy dropped the taskbar applet from kde3 panel -- they've invented a "lock panel" feature to keep configuration/usage states distinct, but I only realized it after having spent some time fixing the thing.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by deryni

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  • Summary changed from [FR] make reassigning shurtcuts (hotkeys) feature optional/more obvious to Add menu item accelerator locking toggle to GTK+ Theme Control plugin

As I said there is such an option, just not in pidgin. The setting is global across all GTK+ applications when turned on the official way, as such the desktop environments should have the preference for it (I imagine KDE has such an option, unless Qt/KDE doesn't support user-modifiable accelerators at all).

I've moved this to be a request for adding the pidgin-only preference to the GTK+ Theme Control plugin as that is as close to in-pidgin as I think such a setting should ever get.

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by gvy


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