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ICQ Invisible mode set custom status text to "Invisible"

Reported by: marq Owned by: MarkDoliner
Milestone: 2.7.4 Component: ICQ
Version: 2.6.3 Keywords: invisible custom status ICQ SoC


As I reported on Adium Trac Invisible mode in ICQ sets custom status text to "Invisible" so all users can see I am invisible. Adium developers closed defect with a cantfix result and say it's a problem in libpurple.

Original adium trac:


  • Have other ICQ account online in Adium (uses libpurple)
  • Both accounts can see each other as online.
  • In Adium switch account to "Invisible" mode.
  • In account appears offline BUT custom status text is set to "Invisible" which is displayed next to the name in
  • Any user can read this "Invisible" text at this moment, so he can realize I am invisible.

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Graphical howto :)

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I can't reproduce this in Pidgin 2.6.5devel trunk as of right now.

What makes you think that anyone can see that you're invisible? In Pidgin the list of users in the privacy dialog for "Allow only the users below" functions as the ICQ "visible" list. That is, anyone in that list will be able to see your status even when you're invisible. Could that be the cause of this?

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Graphical howto :)

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Attachment (InvisibleBug?.png) added by ticket reporter.

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I know about visibility lists and it has nothing to do with it. I installed Ubuntu on VM and Pidgin, so I made screenshots of what is it doing.

On the left there is one account (Marq) in the Pidgin on the right there is other account (marqtest) in the official ICQ client from

1) first I am online (available) in both clients - everything is OK. Custom status of pidgin account says "Available".
2) then I switch to "Invisible" in Pidgin. Now that account appears offline in, but custom status text is changed to "Invisible". This is the point where everyone can see I am invisible by reading this text.
3) last screenshot shows how it should look. I switched to "offline" in and it appears as Offline in Pidgin with no custom status[[BR]]
Please check the attached screenshot.

Hope this helps. Thank You

comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by MarkDoliner

Ahhh, I see. I should have understood this based on your original description--thanks for the clarification.

We do send a slightly different series of requests than ICQ 6.5 when we go invisible. I took a stab at making us more similar to ICQ 6.5 but it didn't seem to help. I'll try to take another look at it.

Something I thought was interesting: ICQ 2003b (the newest version of ICQ that runs on Windows 2000) has this same bug.

comment:7 Changed 9 years ago by AllesMeins

As an addition. Something similar happens when you block a user. In the official ICQ-Client the blocked user sees you as "offline" but the status-text changes everytime you change your status ("Away", "Occupied", "Invisible","Availible" etc.) making it possible for the blocked user to detect that you blocked him.

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(In 021e6a7b4ba46230e93812c39268259f8c6bc7fe):
"Invisibility mode" improvements.

  1. Removed the code for setting the status message to the status name (like "Available" or "Invisible") when no message is set by user. This should fix #10633, since now no one will see our status change to "Invisible" if we go invisible with no message set.
  2. Got rid of sending superfluous packets on server.
    • There's no need to call oscar_set_extended_status() from oscar_set_status_icq(), because in all cases it has already been called before that. The only thing oscar_set_status_icq() does except setting the extended status is setting the permit/deny setting, so I renamed it accordingly.
    • No need to call oscar_set_icq_permdeny() in purple_ssi_parseerr() (it will be called in purple_ssi_parselist() anyway).
    • Combined setting the extended status and the status message (as per TODO). This should fix the problem when client like QIP see us as Invisible for some (quite long) time before we appear as Offline.

Also, I removed the code for setting the "itmsurl" status attribute, as there was no way to set this iTunes Store URL from the UI.

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I'm adding these keywords a milestone can be assigned more easily whenever the ICQ SoC branch gets merged. :)

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