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gtkrc plugin improvements

Reported by: hobbified Owned by: deryni
Milestone: Component: pidgin (gtk)
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Enhance the gtkrc plugin to allow remapping of "send message" / "insert newline" combinations. As a possible long-term goal, give it the ability not to nuke existing user-made customizations in .purple/gtkrc-2.0.

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by deryni

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If you can think of a non-crappy generic method for doing key bindings I will be more than happy to accept a patch or write up code for one. So far I have been unable to come up with one and all the ones I have ever seen suck. Writing settings to the ~/.purple/gtkrc-2.0 file was added so that people could use the plugin as a starting place and then get a file with the right format and work from there (and being able to not need the plugin loaded from then on). Editing the file *and* using the plugin simultaneously isn't the point, also in case it wasn't clear from above, you don't need to hit the 'write to file' button in the plugin to make the settings work.

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by hobbified

Could it at least write out a comment to the file on what a keybinding looks like? Or provide a link to the relevant FAQ entry in the dialog? People shouldn't have to go to the internet for something this incredibly simple... they shouldn't have to edit a text file either. But any improvement is welcome.

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by deryni

I can certainly add a link to the FAQ entry for this in the output file though I'm not really sure who that would help, as I've seen it most people don't bother writing out the settings to the file and even less actually look at it once they do. I'm less convinced it belongs in the configuration dialog itself. I also see absolutely nothing wrong with people editing a text file to make setting changes, but that might just be me showing my 'age' as it were. The GTK+ documentation on user-editing the gtkrc files is certainly lacking and could certainly be improved to make this easier on people, but I don't much see that happening as the GTK+ crowd seems to be a largely GNOME (and DE in general) crowd who think that users are more-or-less incurably stupid.

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by hobbified

See, this is what I'm getting at. I agree, there's nothing wrong with config files. But the config file in question here is one that doesn't really seem like it was designed for humans, and isn't that accessible. And somehow Gtk2 didn't even get one of those big sets of manpages for debian, so you have to go to the internet to figure out which signals there are, etc. It's pretty uncool. Gaim used to have some stuff to work around this uncoolness, but it was decided that it wasn't treating GTK properly. Well, GTK isn't treating me properly. :)

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by deryni

gaim never had stuff to work around any 'uncoolness' in GTK+ we had a preference that worked at a much less useful level of configuration and limited (arbitrarily) the available options and broke horribly for many people. If you want better GTK+ documentation file a bug with them or better yet start working on gtkrc file examples and documentation. I'm sure they would accept the help. The syntax of the gtkrc files is fine as far as config file syntax goes, the available values just aren't at all easily discoverable. What would be absolutely ideal would be a runtime gtk resource editor, that let you make theme changes on-the-fly and watch things change (which is sort of what the plugin in question tried to do but for a very limited set of values) and even more optimistically there would be a way to poke at an existing GTK+ application/window to find any named widgets and/or any properties/settings of the widgets in the window. Neither of those is easy to do or likely to come quickly though.

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