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Contact Manager

Reported by: noccy Owned by: deryni
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Cc: waldir


A contact manager would be a welcome addition. I have numerous old contacts that makes the "show offline contacts" a pain. A list view containing all the contacts and allowing you to easily remove old contacts. The same list could show the last seen time of the contact, last conversation etc.

This feature would do well as a plugin.

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comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by waldir

Could someone please mark this as a duplicate of #4636?

comment:3 Changed 8 years ago by deryni

It isn't clear to me that the two tickets are exactly the same, the other one was closed due to lack of response from the original poster, and this one has been filed as a plugin suggestion so I'm not sure what purpose marking them as duplicates would serve (more than your having linked to the other ticket from here already serves).

comment:4 Changed 8 years ago by waldir

They aren't *exactly* the same, but then again no duplicates really are, down to the last bit. This one was a bit more expanded, but that's it. I just feel the older one should have precedence when marking dupes. And as for the purpose of duping – that's the very principle of the action: the request had already been made and related discussion should continue there. But, that's just my opinion. Btw, +1, I to think it'd be great if Pidgin had this feature :)

comment:5 Changed 8 years ago by deryni

If the existing one was still open I'd almost certainly have combined the two (though I may have marked the older one as a duplicate of this one). However it was closed because the original reporter failed to respond to a question they were asked which makes it hard to get feedback if/when needed. Also the age of a ticket is less relevant than the contents and quality of the ticket.

Can you tell us what the UI you imagine for this would be/contain/make easier than the current right-click->Remove Buddy system gives/allows you?

comment:6 Changed 8 years ago by waldir

Well, my personal pet peeve is the inability to place a contact in more than one group, even though Pidgin supports this with the contacts from my msn account, for instance. A simple "Copy to" in the context menu, in addition to the "Move to" entry, would allow this; but as the original reporters of both bugs said, when you have a lot of contacts this type of operations is cumbersome.

I see the solution to this as a window where you could have a list of all your contacts, with different columns you could sort by (alias, email, date last seen online, group(s), date of last conversation, etc), preferably with a filter input box which would allow you to, say, enter "am" and have listed only members of the group "family" and people such as "amy" or "sam3232@…".

You would be able to select multiple contacts from this list using the shift (for contiguous selections) and ctrl keys (for non-contiguous ones) and on the bottom of this list there would be buttons such as "delete", "block", "merge" and "split" (the last one only active when one or more meta-contacts (or elements thereof) is selected).

Import and Export/Backup? buttons would be nice, too.

comment:7 Changed 8 years ago by deryni

If the protocol supports it and the prpl supports it then pidgin supports it, though you have to Add Buddy the person again to get it to work I believe (and I'm not sure this gets much testing).

I fear that a "Copy to" entry would be more confusing than helpful for most people (especially since I believe for the majority of people it will always be disabled).

As far as import/export there is the listhandler plugin which does that to a certain extent but is not the most well written or well maintained plugin. There are technical issues with import/export involving protocols that require authorization that make it a generally less useful option than most people would, by default, assume. Additionally the blist.xml file can simply be carted around from machine to machine and in the case where it and the server agree that will work just fine. We do not support a 'bulk restore from blist.xml' though which is largely what the listhandler plugin was originally written to support I believe.

As to the suggested single-list UI that is something a plugin could reasonably provide.

I have, in the past, indicated that I think allowing for multiple selection in the pidgin buddy list would only invite confusion and complexity, but in a stripped down special-purpose interface it wouldn't have those same problems.

comment:8 Changed 8 years ago by deryni

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comment:9 Changed 8 years ago by rekkanoryo

The listhandler plugin was never intended to do imports from blist.xml files. That was added on as an afterthought that works for me in my testing but apparently doesn't work all that well for other people. The true intent of the plugin was to handle the official AIM client's .blt files. Then later on I decided to add extra features to support exporting blistnode data from other third-party plugins I cared about (Guifications, the buddy notes plugin, etc).

comment:10 Changed 8 years ago by waldir

For what it's worth, I added the import/export as a post-scriptum (as in "would be nice too"), but personally I'd much rather have my contact list stored online, so that I can login from any computer and have my meta-contacts intact. I take from what you said that I could use blist.xml for this purpose, then? Also, is it safe to edit it to manage the meta-contacts while there isn't a special interface for doing so? I don't want to break the list I already have...

comment:11 Changed 8 years ago by deryni

Assuming you use the same accounts on all the computers your blist.xml file should do what you want, yes. I wouldn't recommend hand-editing blist.xml though assuming you keep its formatting valid and match its structure any editing you do (while not in use by a client) should be fine.

comment:12 Changed 8 years ago by rekkanoryo

Note that if you move a buddy from one group to another by editing blist.xml it will not move the buddy. The server-side list is authoritative on almost every protocol.

comment:13 Changed 8 years ago by waldir

Ok, thanks for the remarks :) I'll be looking forward to see this implemented, and will be sure to provide feedback.

comment:14 Changed 3 years ago by dx

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