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Window does not resize/maximize back

Reported by: mehturt Owned by: QuLogic
Milestone: Component: finch (gnt/ncurses)
Version: 2.7.7 Keywords: window resize


I am using finch with ratpoison WM on GNU/Linux. I have conversation window open, which is maximized. When I split screen vertically, the window is still maximized, taking 1/2 of the screen - this is correct. When I remove the other window, the terminal window is taking the whole screen again, but the conversation window is taking only 1/2 of the terminal window - it should be maximized taking the whole terminal window again.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by deryni

Does the conversation window stay correctly sized as if it were in the half screen frame? Or does it realize it has the full size (and so refit internal widgets) but only display in half the frame?

This sounds like ratpoison may not be sending the right resize requests/notifications to pidgin when it drops the other frame but I can't be sure and I'm not sure how best to test this theory.

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by QuLogic

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This is in finch.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by deryni

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QuLogic: Good point, missed that in my reading. Does explain the terminal part of the comment I couldn't make sense of. I wonder if my diagnosis is right despite all that though. I wonder if the terminal isn't sending finch sigwinch correctly or something.

mehturt: What terminal is this with? If this isn't xterm or rxvt-unicode (urxvt) could you try in one of those and see if it works?

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by mehturt

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It could be ratpoison's fault.. I can try to post a question to their maillist, or bug reporting system. When removing the other frame, the terminal window resizes correctly, only conversation window takes the same half as before (when having 2 frames).

This is with urxvt
xterm mrxvt.

comment:5 Changed 8 years ago by mehturt

I sent a question to ratpoison-devel list and got this response:

"This is far from being a ratpoison bug, as finch uses curses to render contents within a terminal window. Ratpoison signals the terminal to resize the window. Actually there is a BSD Signal SIGWINCH, that might be supported and that can be used by curses and finch to actually resize the content.

But if that signal is not implemented or finch does not react on that signal (or the curses handler for that signal), you will experience what you do. So its still a finch problem I would say."

comment:6 Changed 8 years ago by mehturt

Btw. what is the proper way to maximize a window? I do Alt + r and resize the window to cover the whole screen.

comment:7 in reply to: ↑ description Changed 8 years ago by tsars

Just want to add that I have experienced this same bug in both Terminator and Urxvt (running in OpenBox?). It began while running finch in Terminator while the latter was divided horizontally, such that finch was on top and a text-based WWW browser was below. I resized the bottom half to make it bigger, rendering the finch half much smaller.

Now neither Alt+R nor Alt+M work, so my finch windows are stuck at a tiny size. I enabled mouse support to see if that would help, but it only works to move the windows around (still can't resize).

comment:8 Changed 4 days ago by grim

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