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IRC disconnect+reconnect spawns 2nd window; closing dead original window issues PART

Reported by: grank Owned by: elb
Milestone: Component: IRC
Version: 2.7.11 Keywords: irc part cannot send to channel multiple window


As noted in ticket #14202, this could be seen as two separate tickets, but they're related so I'm entering them as one ticket.

When I disconnect from IRC, either explicitly by setting my status to Offline or implicitly by putting the machine to sleep, the IRC channel window is left open with the message "The account has disconnected and you are no longer in this chat. You will be automatically rejoined in the chat when the account reconnects."

However, when I then reconnect, most of the time it spawns a new window for that channel rather than re-using the one it has left open.

This creates a problem, in that when I go to close the old, now dead original window, pidgin sends a PART for the channel. The newer chat window is still open, and nothing is added to it to indicate it's now disconnected, but it will never receive any more updates. If one then types in the window and tries to send, it'll pop an error dialog saying "Cannot send to channel" (which actually comes from the IRC server).

Basically, this means that if I disconnect without closing the window, and then reconnect before I can close the window, I have to close both windows and then start a new one manually. If I fail to do that and just close the old dead one, I am silently not in the channel.

This is occurring to me on

The channel is being auto-joined by having been added to my contact list via "Add Chat..." and checking the Auto-join checkbox.

This occurs even with all plugins disabled that can be disabled from the checkboxes in the Plugins screen. (The only other one is SIPe, which I need, but that would be the only plugin I haven't disabled to confirm this issue is not plugin-related.)

There are two problems to solve here:
1) Getting the reconnect to re-use the existing window rather than starting a new one, and
2) Getting a disconnected window to not send PART.
Solving only 1) will resolve this ticket, but solving only 2) would not. Ideally, one would solve both 1) and 2) in order to close the ticket.

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by catx

I'm seeing the same issue with IRC, connecting to a hybrid-ircd network (and previously to a network running dancer).

Interestingly enough, Finch behaves as expected, and reuses existing windows for IRC. SIPe and AIM also reuse windows successfully.

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