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Can't move to the end of line with custom key theme

Reported by: dnaumov Owned by:
Milestone: Component: pidgin (gtk)
Version: 2.10.0 Keywords: gtk-key-theme gtk keys textbox


I use custom gtk-key-theme. In chat window, I can't move to the end of line using custom binding for moving char forward. Cursor moves only to the character before the last.

Note, that there is no difference what key is bound to moving char forward. Also, arrow keys always work, as well as other custom bindings (e.g. move to the end of line or next word).

Steps to reproduce:

Place the following text: into ~/.themes/Ergoemacs/gtk-2.0-key/gtkrc .

Then execute this: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-key-theme "Ergoemacs"

After that it should be possible to move cursor with Alt-i,k,j,l keys for up, down, left, right respectively.

Then, open pidgin's chat window. Type in some text, move cursor to the beginning of the line. Then press and hold Alt-l. This should move cursor to the end of the line, but instead it will be stopped before the last character, like this: asdfghj|k.


I use Pidgin 2.10.0 on ubuntu 11.10, but this behaviour also confirmed on opensuse 12.1 and older.

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