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#14942 new enhancement

Recognize absence of the '#' prefix when joining IRC channel

Reported by: FelixAkk Owned by: elb
Milestone: Component: IRC
Version: 2.10.1 Keywords: irc, join, dialog, error, user input, interpretation, no such channel


When joining a IRC channel using the "Join chat ..." menu item (under the Buddies), one would expect the GUI to be sophisticated enough that when one does not prefix the channel name with a hash symbol (#), the GUI will still interpret is as a channel name. The field where one enters this is labeled with channel so I don't see what other interpretation would be possible.

This confused me for quite a while before I realized that my channel does exist (because the error dialog says "No such channel" which is not very helpful when the channel does exist), and that the GUI requires that you prefix the channel name even though it obviously is a channel name you're entering there.

So in short:

  • fix interpretation
  • don't show 'no such channel' dialog when the channel does exist

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by elb

The error message in question is poor. I'll have to look to see how it is generated to see how hard that is to "fix".

Blindly prefixing # to channels which are entered incorrectly by the user is not a good solution. For one thing, channels can start with characters other than #. (That's why it has the # -- if every channel had a #, it wouldn't have to.) The channel you request, without the #, really does not exist. However, despite the fact that the message is *correct*, I tend to agree that this particular error is unhelpful for users who don't understand that the # is important.

I would be more inclined to disallow completing the dialog unless the channel began with a channel marker, but unfortunately we don't necessarily know what those are. The standard describes only # and &, but I know of at least one network which uses *, and other networks may use other characters.

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by FelixAkk

I see. I that case it should indeed not blindly prefix it with a '#', to allow other used prefixes. Alternatively a more helpful error message would also clear the confusion for most cases.

What I would suggest is checking if the entered channel name is prefixed with the common prefix symbol (the hash symbol). If it is not and it turns out the channel does not exist, display instead the following error message:

"No such channel.\n Note that channel names are normally prefixed with a '#' (hash symbol), e.g.: #channelname"

This would give users that assume the default prefix interpretation enough information about why their channel was not found.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by FelixAkk

Just thought; what would be better is that when focus leaves the channel field, the GUI checks if the field is not-empty. If so, it checks if the channel name is prefixed with a non-alphanumeric character. If not it, prefixes it with the most common symbol; '#'.

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