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No received message notification in XMPP group chat

Reported by: johan.venter Owned by: deryni
Milestone: Component: XMPP
Version: 2.10.3 Keywords: group chat sound notification
Cc: neufeind, atti, boris-petrov, kaptoxic



When in an XMPP group chat, myself and others here do not get the message received sound notification when a message arrives in the chat. All other received message sound events work fine (i.e. in 1 on 1 chats).

I have every sound event turned on in Preferences and just about everything checked in the Message Notification plugin preferences. Received message sounds work in everything other than our group chats.

I searched the archives and found some older closed reports that may have been related, but nothing recent.

Regards, Johan

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by datallah

  • Milestone 3.0.0 deleted
  • Status changed from new to pending

"Message received" refers to IMs only, you need to use the "Others talk in chat" event to get events for chat messages.

Similarly the "Chat windows" checkbox in the "Notify For" section should enable that functionality for chat messages - note that this may not work if you hide the chat in your buddy list (via the "Persistent" checkbox in the buddy list menu).

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by johan.venter

  • Status changed from pending to new
  • I have all Sound Events checked in the Sounds tab of Preferences - this includes "Others talk in chat".
  • In the options for the Message Notification plugin, I have the following checked: Notify For:
    • IM Windows
    • Chat windows
    Notification Methods:
    • Prepend ...
    • Insert count ...
    • Flash window
    Notification Removal:
    • Remove when conversation window gains focus
    • Remove when typing in a conversation window
    • Remove when a message gets sent
  • I have unchecked the "Persistent" option when right-clicking the conference in my Buddy List
  • I have restarted Pidgin entirely after making these changes
  • End result is: all sound notifications work in 1 on 1 IMs, but the "Others talk in chat" event is not playing a sound when people speak in a chat.

Any more suggestions? Happy to do any more debugging you require.

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by esciaras

can someone confirm this is related to the issue ticket:10593 please?

This bug prevents us for using Pidgin for openfire chat rooms

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comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by datob

same issue over here. A solution would be good

comment:5 Changed 5 years ago by maxxodd

This would be number 1 on my list of things for Pidgin to implement.

comment:6 Changed 5 years ago by datob

I'm as well still waiting eagerly for a fix to that

comment:7 Changed 4 years ago by rawler

Same here. Very annoying.

comment:8 Changed 17 months ago by kaptoxic

This is indeed still an annoying issue. Can anyone provide some pointers into the source code and describe on high level what needs to be done? Perhaps that way the community might start working on a solution.

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comment:9 Changed 8 months ago by laskalowez

Just a heads-up. I ran into this issue lately on Ubuntu 16.04 and Pidgin 2.10.12. As it turned out, Pidgin was trying to play a non-existant .WAV file when someone would post in a MUC. I found out by starting Pidging from a terminal window using the '-d' (debug) switch. When someone posted in the MUC, I noticed the error in the console output. After fixing up the missing sound file, things worked correctly.

Go through your sound settings in Tools > Preferences > Sounds, and verify each one using "preview". Maybe the same problem for others here.

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