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XMPP missing spec "see-other-host", wrong redirect.

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So, I was able to connect to Microsoft's "XMPP" server today. It was a bit tricky, but works.

But my "AUTH TOKEN" is sent directly to in the querystring! So, technically, anyone reading the web logs of now has a temp auth token to gain access to my Microsoft messenger account. NOT GOOD!

Issue 1: The most annoying part is that the XMPP plugin that comes with Pidgin does not implement the XMPP RFC specification for "see-other-host".

Microsoft requires this implementation, as of April 2012 (they previously did not require it when they first launched XMPP support in December 2011):

Issue 2: After successful OAUTH2 authentication on Microsoft's servers, I am redirected to, with my entire AUTH TOKEN in the querystring!

There can be better handling of this OAUTH2 web browser authorization, such as opening a browser window within the Pidgin client in a popup, like an iframe. This way, you can grab the "redirect url" after the user logins. In this URL, you can grab the Authorization Token, and use it directly without requiring the user to copy and paste it.

How to connect via XMPP to Microsoft Account's Messenger:

So, how was I able to connect?

To prepare:

1) Enable the two plugins "XMPP" and "XMPP Console". 2) Goto Tools -> XMPP Console and open it. You will need the "see-other-host" down below.

To configure the XMPP plugin:

1) Enable the XMPP plugin.

2) For "Username" and "Domain", the microsoft link above states:

"The Messenger XMPP service uses the user ID in the access token to sign
the user in and to bind the user to the session. To do this, Jabber IDs
that are assigned by the Messenger XMPP service use the format instead of a Microsoft account user ID."

Let's pretend that my Microosft Account is xyz123@….

So for my Username, I entered "xyz123", and for the Domain, I entered "". I have completely omitted my "", which you will see below why that is (it doesn't matter, see the OAUTH2 portion below).

3) On the "Advanced" tab, I select "require encryption", as Microsoft requires it.

Connect port: 5222 Connect server: (NOTE: this changes, see below)

And I left everything else default, including "File transfer proxies" set to, though that doesn't work yet.

4) Once you save and it attempts to connect, you'll be asked to accept an SSL certification. Click yes.

"see-other-host" requirement

Now, your XMPP Console should be chatty, and disconnected. This is because the XMPP plugin does not support the "see-other-host" specification, and therefore disconnects.

Scroll through the console and look for this:

<error xmlns=''>
  <see-other-host xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams'>

Take special note of the new hostname:

This will change very often, as things often do on Microsoft gateways. This is why the "see-other-host" needs to be implemented.

Now, go back in and Edit your XMPP plugin, click Advanced, and paste that entire "" into the "Connect server:" textbox. Leave the Connect port 5222 the same.

Pidgin connects and now...

Logging In with OAUTH2 and redirecting, with "see-other-host".

Now, a browser windows pops open asking me to log into my Microsoft Account. Yay, OAUTH2 working! I login, and immediately get redirected to:

Yes, it actually passes my entire auth token directly to in the querystring. I'm not too happy about that. Not good! It would seem the XMPP OAUTH2 plugin handling needs to be directed to a page to display this to the user in a friendly manner, so they can easily copy-and-paste it.

New popup, "Enter authorization token"

You will need to highlight the ENTIRE auth token in the querystring in the browser, after the "=" portion, and copy it to clipboard. Because now, that is your auth token.

Switching back to Pidgin, it now asks you for that token in a popup. Paste that entire auth token, and...


I'm connected!

It would seem this can all be fixed by fixing two key RFC components:

1) "see-other-host" support, as linked to above.

2) Enabling better OAUTH2 token handling support. Maybe a new page on Pidgin that displays it to the user, so they can copy-n-paste it from a textbox. But I think the OAUTH2 protocol supports "API" or "Application" specification in the OAUTH2 request, allowing for the token to be passed back via the original request - instead of a browser window.

Maybe even iframe it, and capture it on the redirect URL as the token to use (that's how I did it for other desktop applications, and on Windows Phone).

Please consider this as two work items to achieve XMPP support for Microsoft servers, as it is currently a PITA!

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you might want to share your findings with the microsoft minions in their preferred public forum

any XMPP client

also, XMPP: Upcoming Breaking Change to Messenger XMPP Service

Starting with the March 2012 release, all XMPP apps connecting to must handle the defined stream error condition “see-other-host”. For details, see the “see-other-host” section in RFC6120: XMPP: Core.

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I follow the instruction and perform the MSN-XMPP , but I didn't found the 'see-other-host' part, I already installed the MSN(XMPP) 1.0 plugin and enable all XMPP plugins, Why ? I still missing something ? the following is the entire log :

(09:25:16) account: Connecting to account…/Pidgin. (09:25:16) connection: Connecting. gc = 08433DE0 (09:25:16) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for (09:25:16) dnsquery: IP resolved for (09:25:16) proxy: Attempting connection to (09:25:16) proxy: Connecting to :5222 with no proxy (09:25:16) proxy: Connection in progress (09:25:22) util: Writing file accounts.xml to directory C:\Users\nova.pun\AppData?\Roaming\.purple (09:25:22) util: Writing file C:\Users\nova.pun\AppData?\Roaming\.purple\accounts.xml (09:25:37) proxy: Connecting to :5222. (09:25:37) proxy: Error connecting to :5222 (連線已逾時). (09:25:37) proxy: Connection attempt failed: 連線已逾時 (09:25:37) jabber: Couldn't connect directly to Trying to find alternative connection methods, like BOSH. (09:25:37) dnssrv: querying TXT record for (09:25:37) dnssrv: Couldn't look up TXT record. DNS 名稱不存在。 (9003). (09:25:37) jabber: Unable to find alternative XMPP connection methods after failing to connect directly. (09:25:37) connection: Connection error on 08433DE0 (reason: 0 description: 無法連線) (09:25:37) account: Disconnecting account…/Pidgin (047DBAD0) (09:25:37) connection: Disconnecting connection 08433DE0 (09:25:37) connection: Destroying connection 08433DE0

thanks !

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