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Pidgin no longer flags channels with unread messages in IRC

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I'm using a pre-release build of 2.10.7 (from #15273), and I notice it no longer flags IRC channels with unread messages. I have channels configured for auto-join and persistent, and I often close all of my many channels. In 2.10.6, when new messages appeared in any channel, that channel would be indicated as having outstanding changes (by bolding the channel name). With this latest build, that behavior no longer happens.

It's possible that behavior is due to a plugin that is no longer working properly. I do have irchelper.dll (from libpurple plugin pack 2.7.0) installed and enabled. Otherwise, I only have the standard plugins installed and default ones enabled.

My goal here is to report this early in the hopes of avoiding a regression in 2.10.7. Please let me know if I can provide more information about the issue to help identify the cause... or if there is perhaps something I'm not doing correctly.

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by jaraco

So this is interesting - just now, I noticed that unread messages in a channel _did_ trigger the bolded channel name. This was observed after a restart of the OS, so perhaps there's an issue with the OS state. I'll try to make more observations.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by jaraco

So for most of a week and a half, the channels were showing bold when there were new unread messages, but today that behavior has stopped again. Not much has changed except today I had intermittent connectivity, so my connection was dropped and reconnected multiple times.

But I would like to say that the issue does seem to exist under certain conditions.

Can you recommend a setting I might enable to capture some detail when it fails?

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