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#15798 new enhancement

Option to disable all outgoing text formatting

Reported by: smu johnson Owned by:
Milestone: Component: pidgin (gtk)
Version: 2.10.7 Keywords: option disable text formatting
Cc: HeXetic



Probably about 5 times a day, I end up hitting some key combination that changes the text formatting of the input window. Underlining, italics, bold, increased text size... you name it.

I have gotten quite used to hitting keys to reset it, but I'm now dreaming of an option in the "Preferences -> Conversations" menu that could simply disable all outgoing text formatting so I never have to make this mistake again.

While it seems obvious that another solution would be to simply "not hit those keys", I have found that I am not the only one who frequently makes this mistake. Some other colleagues who use Pidgin even suggested their own (different) way to reset the text formatting since they encounter it as well.

PS: I am not sure if it would affect the following, but it came to mind just now: perhaps this feature could also disable the underlining of URLs when I paste them into the small window where you input text. I find Pidgin never formats my URLs correctly, especially if I edit them after. Or perhaps that is a separate thing, and could have its own option.

Thanks for reading.

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comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by HeXetic

As an addition to this bug, I note the following example:

  1. Have an open XMPP chat window, with some conversation already in the history, and default/none text formatting in the send window
  2. Copy and paste some of the previous chat lines into the chat box (e.g., to draw attention to something that was said previously), and send. Receiving clients with colours enabled will see the pasted lines with the appropriate formatting.
  3. Send window formatting is now set to whatever the text font/colour was for the last character in the pasted text (e.g., grey). The user must click on "Font->Reset Formatting" to clear this.
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