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    11I did not submit a debug log as pidgin is not crashing. MSN simply is not launching. I DID look at the bug submission instructions and steps one through three for bug submission do not list needing to submit a debug log. Below steps one through three "What to do if Pidgin Crashes" lists a debug log required. As pidgin is not crashing, I did not submit one. Please read your own directions. It was not listed under submitting a bug report as pidgin is not crashing therefore no debug is required as per your "instructions". The problem is that MSN accounts are STILL not connecting (but not crashing pidgin). If a debug log is required it should be listed in steps one through three or a new step four under "Steps fo bug report submission". As it is not, it was implied to not be required.
     3As you are requesting a debug log I will post one shortly, but please think on rewording your instructions so that they make sense. If it is not mentioned under the bug submission instructions clearly (in the subheading section related) most people will believe one is not required.
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