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Option for SSL toggle for Groupwise protocol

Reported by: thundercorp Owned by: seanegan
Milestone: Component: Groupwise
Version: 2.1.0 Keywords: groupwise ssl


[Originally from AdiumX project Trac, but applies since this is essentially a libpurple problem] AdiumX does not currently have an option to connect to a Groupwise server which has SSL disabled. In my case, I have confirmed that the server in the example has SSL off.

11:00:47: <ESPurpleNovellAccount:3612cc0 8>:myusername: Updating status for key: User Icon
11:00:47: Original image of size 64.000000 64.000000
11:00:47: (Libpurple: account) Connecting to account myusername
11:00:47: (Libpurple: connection) Connecting. gc = 0x8286820
11:00:47: Connecting: gc=0x8286820 (Connecting) 1 / 4
11:00:47: (Libpurple: dns) DNS query for '' queued
11:00:47: <ESPurpleNovellAccount:3612cc0 8>:myusername: Updating status for key: Online
11:00:47: Performing DNS resolve:
11:00:47: DNS resolve complete for
11:00:47: (Libpurple: dnsquery) IP resolved for
11:00:47: (Libpurple: proxy) Attempting connection to
11:00:47: (Libpurple: proxy) Connecting to with no proxy
11:00:47: (Libpurple: proxy) Connection in progress
11:00:47: (Libpurple: proxy) Connected to
11:00:47: (Libpurple: openssl) Connecting
11:00:47: (Libpurple: openssl) SSL_get_error
11:00:47: (Libpurple: openssl) Connecting
11:00:47: (Libpurple: openssl) SSL_get_error
11:00:47: (Libpurple: openssl) SSL_connect failed: error:00000005:lib(0):func(0):DH lib
11:00:47: Connection Disconnected: gc=8286820 (Unable to make SSL connection to server.)
11:00:47: <ESPurpleNovellAccount:3612cc0 8>:myusername accountConnectionReportDisconnect: Unable to make SSL connection to server.
11:00:47: (Libpurple: account) Disconnecting account 0x363dc10
11:00:47: (Libpurple: connection) Disconnecting connection 0x8286820
11:00:47: (Libpurple: general) purple_ssl_close: assertion `gsc != NULL' failed
11:00:47: Disconnected: gc=8286820
11:00:47: <ESPurpleNovellAccount:3612cc0 8>:myusername: Disconnected (8286820: "Unable to make SSL connection to server."): Automatically reconnecting in 2.000000 seconds (4 attempts remaining)
11:00:47: <ESPurpleNovellAccount:3612cc0 8>:myusername: Telling the core we disconnected
11:00:47: (Libpurple: connection) Destroying connection 0x8286820

From the AdiumX developers:

summary changed from Cannot connect to GroupWise? to Add support for Novell GroupWise? servers with SSL disabled. milestone changed from Needs Feedback - Received to Waiting on libpurple. That's correct. libpurple does not support non-SSL GroupWise? connectivity.

Some companies allow for intranet Groupwise chat but do not enable SSL because they want transparency in order to monitor conversations. However, libpurple in any client will refuse to connect to a Groupwise server that does not have SSL enabled.

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comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by dossy

Update: as per Mike Stoddard at Novell, GroupWise? Messenger allows passwords in the clear over an SSL channel, but require an obfuscated password when not using SSL. Unfortunately, the obfuscation algorithm is proprietary and Novell hasn't disclosed a reference implementation, which is why it isn't supported in Pidgin or any other OSS client.

Mike has said he will try to bring up this issue when discussing requirements for the next GroupWise? release. If the GWM server will support, say, MD5 or SHA1-hashed passwords to be sent, then we could support that in libpurple.

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