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Multicolored nicks in chatrooms should be optional

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When I'm in a multi-user chat, Pidgin gives each user a different color. In my opinion, it doesn't look professional, and can actually hinder usability. In a channel with 1000 people, having 1000 different colors for all the users doesn't help me discern one from the other quickly by color, and it can often mess up the contrast between names and messages since the names can be pretty much any color. Sometimes, people end up with colors so close to the color of the text that it makes it difficult to see the line between name and message, and some colors are too bright to see clearly against the background. Having multi-colored usernames should be an option, not an imperative.

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I don't think any harm is done by the coloring, and I'm against making it an option.

When we change the HTML renderer we use, we may lose coloring in the process.

comment:2 follow-up: Changed 12 years ago by cdmarcus

I disagree with your statement that colors don't do any harm. I find that when I'm in a chatroom larger than 4 people, I'm not going to be able to recognize people by their colors. Also, some colors are hard to read, or are the same color as the actual text in the chatroom messages. Just like the status icons that were removed in the transition from Gaim to Pidgin, they're an added complication that doesn't seem to have any merit. Any time I'm in a busy room like #ubuntu, the only thing I need to see at a glance for any message is whether the speaker is me, someone who's talking to me (prefixing my nick), or someone else. By adding colors to nicks that are arbitrarily assigned, you're not giving me more useful information, you're just adding information I don't need (like protocol icons). By taking out the colors for individual members of a chat and using the aspect of color to signify more important things (me, people who are talking to me, and others, just like the icons were changed to emphasize status rather than protocol), you're making the application simpler to use and more effective.

I do think that colors do have some utility as a differentiator in small chats... however, the rooms I frequent are quite large, and the colors end up being distracting and intrusive, and not giving me information I need. I think that colors in chatrooms should be similar to status icons in the buddy list... optional. That way, people who like them can use them, and people who REALLY don't like them don't have to see them.

I also noticed that 2.1.1 on Windows doesn't have the colors, but 2.2.0 does. Every version on Linux does.

comment:3 in reply to: ↑ 2 Changed 12 years ago by cornell

I agree wholeheartedly with cdmarcus. Having nicks in a variety of colors gives me, as a user, no advantage. I'd rather the nicks all be the same color. I find it useful to be able to spot a message to me, and what I've said. Many times, I'm in a large chat room, asking a question, or engaged in conversation, and it may be some time for a response... I don't want to sit and watch the room go by. I want to work on other things and "notice" the response; to be able to back scroll and quickly note pertinent information.

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by Arancaytar

I agree as well. Please let me disable the colors, change colors for individual chatroom participants, and customize the pool that colors are randomly pulled from.

Seriously, it seems there are about 5 barely distinguishable shades of grey and pale pink in there, and I rarely get any dark, readable colors.

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