id summary reporter owner description type status milestone component version resolution keywords cc 3266 Not receiving google messages protective1 deryni "I am not receiving Google messages on Pidgin 2.2.0 on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4. It worked fine in previous versions of Pidgin on this computer. When I try to send a message to myself, I get the debug output below (I have replaced my username with XXXXXX): (17:18:14) jabber: Sending (ssl): (17:18:14) jabber: Recv (ssl)(321): (17:18:15) jabber: Sending (ssl): testtest (17:18:15) jabber: Sending (ssl): (17:18:15) jabber: Recv (ssl)(446): testtest (17:18:15) jabber: Recv (ssl)(303): " defect closed Google Talk 2.2.0 worksforme google messages not received 503 service unavailable