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#3560 closed defect (fixed)

Finch needs monochrome option

Reported by: Tigerwolf Owned by: sadrul
Milestone: Patches welcome Component: finch (gnt/ncurses)
Version: 2.2.0 Keywords:


Having the finch text-based client is *wonderful*...BUT:

It assumes a color xterm is being used for display.

It needs to be able to operate a monochrome 'dumb' terminal (i.e DEC VT-100/102/220/320/etc and similar) in a plain ncurses environment such as found when a terminal is connected via a serial port.

The colors currently used for hilighting completely make the 'cursor' completely invisible on a monochrome terminal so it's impossible to tell just what's being selected.

There needs to be either a 'monochrome' startup option switch or a callable config file which would enable the user re-define the ANSI attributes/color commands to allow it to be customized without being re-compiled.

This should be on a per-instance basis so that console/xterm users can have colors, while serial/dial-up terminal users can have usable monochrome.

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by sadrul

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gnt should indeed look at has_colors() first, in gnt_init_colors(). And the A_STANDOUT flag should be set in wbkgdset whenever there's no color available.

I will probably eventually get to this. But it'd be quite cool if there was a patch from someone.

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by sadrul@…

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(In badd0da928af665635b29e3c49bb7d8de8d93b3c) Add gnt_color_pair, which will replace color codes with 'appropriate' text attributes if the terminal doesn't support color. Fixes #3560.

I have included the output of diffstat of the changeset. Do we like this in our commit message? If we do, we can use the stuff rekkanoryo has for gf.

ChangeLog.API | 7 +++++++ finch/libgnt/gntbox.c | 10 +++++----- finch/libgnt/gntbutton.c | 3 ++- finch/libgnt/gntcheckbox.c | 4 ++-- finch/libgnt/gntcolors.c | 11 +++++++++++ finch/libgnt/gntcolors.h | 13 +++++++++++++ finch/libgnt/gntcombobox.c | 8 ++++---- finch/libgnt/gntentry.c | 4 ++-- finch/libgnt/gntline.c | 4 ++-- finch/libgnt/gntmain.c | 4 ++-- finch/libgnt/gntmenu.c | 4 ++-- finch/libgnt/gntslider.c | 10 +++++----- finch/libgnt/gnttextview.c | 14 +++++++------- finch/libgnt/gnttree.c | 37 ++++++++++++++++++------------------- finch/libgnt/gntwidget.c | 22 +++++++++++----------- finch/libgnt/gntwm.c | 4 ++-- finch/libgnt/gntws.c | 10 +++++----- 17 files changed, 100 insertions(+), 69 deletions(-)

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by sadrul

The fix will be available in 2.3.0. Thanks for reporting the bug.

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by Tigerwolf

Wow! Thank you very much for such a fast response!

I've got a system which supports up to 60 users, in a mix of color terminals and monochrome ones, so this will help a lot!

I'll look forward to trying out the new release when it appears.

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