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oscar_normalize crashes when normalize string

Reported by: emilal Owned by: lschiere
Milestone: Component: unclassified
Version: 2.4.0 Keywords: Oscar crashes


Oscar oscar_normalize crashes when using null string:

#0  0x004f6de0 in strcpy () from /lib/tls/
No symbol table info available.
#1  0x0074e030 in oscar_normalize (account=0x877bcd0, str=0x877b37c "dar�apia@hotmail") at oscar.c:6644
        buf = "dar�apia@hotmail\000m\000\", '\0' <repeats 2021 times>
        tmp1 = 0x87de5d8 "dar�apia@hotmail"
        tmp2 = 0x0
        i = 17
        j = 17
        __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "oscar_normalize"
#2  0x006c4b6d in purple_normalize (account=0x877bcd0, str=0x877b37c "dar�apia@hotmail") at util.c:3037
        prpl_info = (PurplePluginProtocolInfo *) 0x7b0540
        prpl = (PurplePlugin *) 0x8753bf0
        ret = 0x0
        buf = '\0' <repeats 2047 times>
#3  0x0066aa8d in purple_accounts_find (name=0x877b37c "dar�apia@hotmail", protocol_id=0x87de5c4 "prpl-msn") at account.c:2603
        account = (PurpleAccount *) 0x877bcd0
        l = (GList *) 0x877c140
        who = 0x87de5d8 "dar�apia@hotmail"
        __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "purple_accounts_find"

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by datallah

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The problem is that a non-utf8 string is being passed to g_utf8_normalize(), so it returns NULL. It shouldn't ever happen that a non-utf8 string would get that far - is this with pidgin or another libpurple client? Where does that string come from? What does the rest of the backtrace look like?

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by emilal

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Try to put inside the name (Oscar) some special character - for example euro sign - and wou will be able to reproduce the crash. This string is comming from mobile emulator.

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by datallah

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Right... i can see *why* it is happening, what isn't clear is how that character is getting there. If it is coming from the server somehow or from the UI, it should be UTF-8 by the time it gets to the validate function.

The bug is elsewhere, which is why I'm asking about the origin of the string.

comment:4 Changed 11 years ago by trac-robot

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comment:5 Changed 11 years ago by emilal

Still crushes in 2.4.3:

#1 0x00864f02 in oscar_normalize (account=0x98f22a0, str=0xb40a66c "abcdi") at oscar.c:6636

buf = "abcdi\00013\0004\000e\000\000m\\000ail.e15a4f39\000d", '\0' <repeats 2007 times> tmp1 = 0xb0d6230 "abcdi" tmp2 = 0x0 i = 6 j = 6 PRETTY_FUNCTION = "oscar_normalize"

#2 0x007d7a21 in purple_normalize (account=0x98f22a0, str=0xb40a66c "abcdi") at util.c:3037

prpl_info = (PurplePluginProtocolInfo? *) 0x8c6b60 prpl = (PurplePlugin? *) 0x98c7c68 ret = 0x0 buf = "524936786\0004\000\000@…\000m\000m\000E15A4F39\000D", '\0' <repeats 2007 times>

#3 0x0077d860 in purple_accounts_find (name=0xb40a66c "abcdi", protocol_id=0xb866cc4 "prpl-qq") at account.c:2642

account = (PurpleAccount? *) 0x98f22a0 l = (GList *) 0x9906360 who = 0xb309fe8 "" PRETTY_FUNCTION = "purple_accounts_find"

comment:6 Changed 11 years ago by emilal

Please replace with following code to dissable non UTF NULL string:

oscar_normalize(const PurpleAccount? *account, const char *str) {

static char buf[BUF_LEN]; char *tmp1, *tmp2; int i, j;

g_return_val_if_fail(str != NULL, NULL);

/* copy str to buf and skip all blanks */ for (i=0, j=0; str[j] && i < BUF_LEN - 1; i++, j++) {

while (str[j] == ' ')


buf[i] = str[j];

} buf[i] = '\0';

tmp1 = g_utf8_strdown(buf, -1); tmp2 = g_utf8_normalize(tmp1, -1, G_NORMALIZE_DEFAULT); strcpy(buf, tmp2 != NULL:tmp2, tmp1); g_free(tmp2); g_free(tmp1);

return buf;


comment:7 Changed 11 years ago by emilal

Sorry, sintax error, that is the proper line to replace:

strcpy(buf, tmp2 != NULL ? tmp2 : tmp1);

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