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Ability to dock window to side of screen

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Version: 2.4.3 Keywords: Window Placement, Docking, Hotkeys


With my linux box, running Ubuntu Hardy Heron I have a docked terminal (package name = yakuake) that has the ability to pop up and down from view with a hotkey (default = f12) and sits on top of other applications. I've already been running finch in this terminal from time to time, but think that this ability would be really nice in pidgin. A bunch of my friends who switched to pidgin say that its annoying that all of their IM programs either have to sit in one part of their screen or be minimized to the taskbar. But folks who I've showed finch to in the yakuake pop-down terminal say that they would really prefer that, but that they want it in a gui version.

so, this would be similar to ticket 6463 (, only instead of simply "snapping" to the edges, would allow the client to be docked (where it is on top of other programs), but able to hide it from view while in that docked mode.

also similar to 5220 where the gui can dock to some part of the screen, but again, a keyboard hotkey can free up its screen realestate for easy reference when needed.

This would help me increase my workflow by a large factor, as most of the time that i spend using pidgin for communication with teammates and even friends is finding my buddy list / chat window so i can see what they said. the way i use finch (but im not the biggest fan of CLI) is when im expecting an IM, or when i get some sort of signal that i have one, i press my hotkey (f-12), read the message, respond (if i want to), and minimize it out of my way again.

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As far as I'm concerned implementing such a feature in an application is a disgusting hack around the fact that most window managers suck. Your window manager should provide you the ability to do that with *any* window at *any* time without you needing to cobble support (or get support for it cobbled) into each and every application that you use. I strongly suggest that you get your window manager authors to add support for this to your window manager and/or find another (likely better) window manager that does support this if you truly want it for yourself.

For the record, useful window managers also allow you to jump to specific windows either by a specific keypress or by name, which therefore eliminates much (if not all) of the 'where did I leave that window' game which you complain about taking time and being annoying and interruptive to your workflow.

If you need suggestions for what window managers to try I will be more than happy to suggest a few.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by Tythsai

If you could suggest a window manager that allows that, I would be ecstatic to know about it.

However, I didn't intend for this ticket to be linux specific. This was mainly intended as a Windows XP issue.


comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by deryni

I know that my window manager of choice, ion3, supports similar functionality to this (not docked to the side of the side of the screen necessarily, rather freely placed floating windows that can be summoned and dismissed on a whim). I believe similar functionality can be gotten from fvwm2, and it at least used to be possible to do this sort of thing with enlightenment (I don't know if you still can or not, I haven't looked at enlightenment in ages). I imagine a small handful of other window managers (stumpwm, ratpoison, wmii, dwm, awesome) might also be able to do this, though I don't know about any of them for sure.

As for Windows, it is rather unfortunate that the window management environment there is absolutely anemic and mostly unfixable. Though you may want to look into autohotkey, as it may provide the necessary bits to allow something of this sort to be done.

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