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OK Button / Acknowledged Button

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We use Pidgin at work for brief communications. When I send a co-worker something, they type "OK". That means that my IM button starts flashing, and I have to stop what I'm doing to see if it's a real message, or just an acknowledgment... it interferes when I'm trying to concentrate.

It would be nice if there were an "OK" button on the panel, when someone read your message, they could click that, indicating "I read your message, no further comments."

When they click it, it would add OK as a response, but it would not alert me to a new message. I would have a record in my log that they saw it if there is a question later, but I really don't need to stop what I'm doing right now to see it.

Am I the only person who would like to see that??

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There are at least three parts to this request. The first is the ability to not be notified of specific messages. The second is to have an easier way to respond in an affirmative manner than needing to type a message. The third (which makes the first part easier) is having a protocol sanctioned 'read-receipt' concept.

A plugin could easily add a button which sends any message desired. One such plugin was on the ThirdPartyPlugins page until a moment ago but the link was dead so I removed it. Alternatively, a GTK+ key binding could be used to do this sort of thing. Following the example at SampleGtkrc2.0 you would use

binding "something"
    bind "<ctrl>o" {
        "insert-at-cursor" ( "Whatever you say boss." )
        "message_send" ()
widget "*pidgin_conv_entry" binding "something"

to insert and send a message.

For not flashing on the receipt of certain messages you would need a plugin which played with the message flags of incoming messages that matched certain criteria. The Plugin Pack's Highlight plugin is likely going to be a good start for what this plugin needs to do (though obviously in the other direction).

The flashing prevention plugin would obviously be a hack and would allow for ignoring messages that weren't intended to be ignored so a more proper solution would be to use a protocol with a concept of message urgency levels and or extensible notifications of things (XMPP supports both of those, though I pidgin does not as-such). This would then allow for the sender and receiver to use this alternative mechanism instead of string matching.

I'm setting this to the Plugin Suggested milestone as it fits slightly better than the Patches Welcome one (though patches to support whatever XMPP XEP specifies message urgency levels would be welcome).

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comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by booksXYZ

I don't code, so I didn't understand most of it...

...but it sounds like you took me seriously. Thanks!

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