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case sensitive chat room name code 404

Reported by: elvaen Owned by: deryni
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Version: 2.5.7 Keywords: muc chat case sensitive

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If two chat rooms exist on the jabber server with the same name but different case sensitivity (all lower and all upper) and you join the all upper room you'll join the "all lower" room but receive "Code 406" message delivery failure when trying to send messages.

Pidgin seems to fail to distinguish case sensitivity at some point.

The steps to reproduce this are a little convoluted and difficult to do because creating the all caps room is tricky.

Steps to reproduce: 1) Using Openfire 3.6.3 as our XMPP server... 2) Create a persistent chat room called "room" 3) Using an older version of pidgin (2.5.2 confirmed, for example) join/create the room "ROOM". (The latest version of pidgin won't allow me to create a duplicate room anymore.) 4) Using the latest version of pidgin (2.5.7) join the chat room "ROOM" 5) You'll be viewing the contents of "room" but when you attempt to send messages the server throws back a "Code 404" error.

If you instead join "room" then there won't be any problems, despite the fact that both rooms exist on the server.

Note: Openfire 3.6.3 does not allow you to create two rooms with the same name differentiated only by case via the server admin interface. However, it does accept those rooms if they are created via the XMPP client (pidgin 2.5.2, for example)

This bug is pretty minor considering how hard it is to create the events that introduce it -- but it was hard to track down and documenting it here seems like it might help someone.

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Here is another report of the same issue on the openfire discussion boards:

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The local node portion of a JID (the part before the @) which is the name of the room is case insensitive.

Can you get the debug window output from all steps of this process? I'm leaning towards believing that the bug here is in Openfire and not in pidgin, but the debug output should make that more clear.

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fixing typo... code should read 406, not 404. Also working on getting a debug log.

I have the log for our main room, but I'm trying to reproduce the problem in a test room and having difficulty doing so.

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