End of Summer Milestones

Peers cache GUI"Done" - requires tweaking
NSS supportPartial
Certificate AuthoritiesDone - just add certs||

14 Aug 2007

I have all the infrastructure in place for Certificate Authorities to ship with Pidgin, and the root certs required for MSN and Google Talk added. It is now only a matter of trawling for more CAs to use and then adding them, so I declare the milestone done.

2 Aug 2007

I have set 3 milestones for the end of the summer, seen above. The "Peers cache GUI" can be said to be complete; it needs tweaking, but I'm declaring it done in order to move on to the other two.

7 July 2007

I got caching certificates operating last night, which neatly eliminates (mostly) the annoying popups I had before. However, I think I'm getting behind.

21 June 2007

Things are now moving pretty smoothly on the Certificate API backend. I have yet to start on CertificatePools?, but with some guidance from elb, I have a good grasp on what needs to be implemented for certificate verification to happen and how it needs to happen. By the end of the week, I plan to verify the first certificates using the new API and (hopefully) put them into the internal pool.

I went back and took a look at my original SoC application today. I thought I'd be horribly behind; however, things look good. While the ordered approach of "Cert Store first, then SSLconn modifications to use it" on my schedule has not been met, I am on track to begin work on the CertificateManager? GUI by early July.

1 June 2007

Well, I'm not so sure about the API structure now. It seems so complex that I can't get a good handle on it or where to start. I need to think about this more; in the meantime, I am implementing some of the logic that I know that the SSL plugins will need to provide, such as functions to load certificates from files.

30 May 2007

I think that I have enough of the API planned out that I can begin implementing it. There may be some further separation of the CertificateScheme? structure, but I think that most of the backend functions are ready to be written into the SSL plugin.

29 May 2007

With some prodding from Ethan, a lot of stuff came together for me design-wise today. I got a substantial part of the API changes laid out.

25 May 2007

Divergence point reached. With the addition of purple_base16_encode_chunked, my changes will force at least a minor version increment. Slapped some code into the GnuTLS SSL plugin and looked at the certificate characteristics coming back. But why am I getting single-byte serial number values back? How large should these serial numbers be?

23 May 2007

Using "Document the SSL interface as it exists now" as an excuse to build a branch and learn Doxygen

17 May 2007

Reading documentation. Lots of it.

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