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Building Pidgin

Are the packages signed? If so, by who, and how can I get the key?

Yes, all packages are signed. The signature for the tarball and bzip2 archive are provided by separate downloads. The RPMs we provide are signed by either Ethan Blanton, Mark Doliner, or Stu Tomlinson. Usually the Mandrake RPMs are signed by, Mark Doliner, the Fedora Core RPMs are signed by Stu Tomlinson, and the Red Hat 8 and 9 RPMs are signed by Ethan Blanton. The keys can be obtained from any key server. is popular.

Can I run Pidgin on MacOSX?

Yes you can, but we do not provide a package for it. The reason being that in order to use Gaim on MacOSX, you need to install an X server and GTK+, which we are not prepared to support. You can either compile Gaim (and its dependencies) yourself, or you can use the fink installer available from If you would like a native aqua interface or a user-friendly installer, we suggest trying Adium, available at

Why are there no packages for my system?


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