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Official Plugins

Pidgin and Finch ship with a large collection of officially supported plugins which modify standard behavior in a number of ways. You can manage available plugins by accessing the "Tools" menu from the Buddy List window and selecting "Plugins."

If you have a problem with one of the plugins included with the software, you should report it via a ticket. Generally our stock plugins will have the same version number as Pidgin or Finch and the web site address for the plugin will be listed as

Third-Party Plugins

Third party plugins are not supported. Do not open tickets on our trac about these plugins. If you do, those tickets will be closed as invalid.

If you are listing a plugin on this page, note that we will de-list the plugin if source code is not provided. Because Pidgin and libpurple are licensed under the GPLv2, the way plugins are loaded within Pidgin and libpurple require that the plugins be licensed in a GPL-compatible manner, which generally includes providing source code. We will also remove entries from this page that contain broken links, and we will remove any entry with links pointing to malicious sites or software. Also, the column in the tables that says Short Description is intended to be short. Keep the descriptions as short as possible. Also, do not use profanity or pornographic terminology in your descriptions or plugin names. We will edit descriptions or de-list plugins that include such terminology or have overly long descriptions.

Additional Protocols

There are third-party plugins for some protocols:

Protocol Name Website Short Description
Facebook IM Go Facebook social network
Gammu Go Protocol to send SMS through your phone via usb/serial/bluetooth/irda Agent (mrim-prpl) Go Russian network Agent (pidgin-mra) Go Russian network
Microblog Go Twitter/Identica/Laconica? updates
msn-pecan Go Alternative MSN access
MXit Go MXit IM
NateOn Go Korean network More info
NetNexus Go's chatrooms
Netsoul Go French network
Ning Go Ning-based social networks
OkCupid Go dating website
Omegle Go's web-based random chat
Rediffbol Go Indian network
Skype IM Go
SIPE Go Microsoft Office Communicator, Reuters Messaging Go Polish network
Twitter Protocol Go Twitter Buddylist Protocol
WinMX Peer Network Go File sharing network
Xfire Go Gaming network

Why are some protocols not supported?

Security and Privacy

Plugin Name Website Short Description
bOt_tOOls Go Configurable plugin for auto-ignoring yahoo spammers
Bot Sentry Go Stop spam bots
Off-the-Record Messaging Go Encrypts conversations and provides security even when keys are compromised
Pidgin-Encryption Go Encrypts conversations using stored RSA keys
Pidgin-Paranoia Go Encrypts conversations using one-time pads
Pidgin-privacy-please Go Stop spam bots


Plugin Name Website Short Description
AlienFX-notification Go Provides notification over the AlienFX device of Alienware laptops and PCs
Audible Alerts Go Audible notification of a received IM by reading the buddy's screen name
Command-notification Go Based off Led-notification this plugin will execute a command on receiving a new message
Guifications Go Provides "toaster" popup notifications.
KNotifications Go Perl plugin that provides KDE 4 notifications
Led-notification Go Provides notifications with laptops' extra LEDs and similar
led-notification Go Fork of the above. Adds support for ThinkPads.
Mumbles-project Plugin Go Pidgin Plugin for mumbles-project - modern notification system for Gnome (Linux only).
MX610-notification Go Provides notifications with Logitech MX610's IM led
Notifo Notifications Go Pushes IMs to your iPhone when you're away using the free Notifo service
pidgin-capsnot Go Keyboard LED Notification (caps-lock/num-lock/scroll-lock) for Pidgin/Finch?
Pidgin-dock Go Emulate Mac OS X - dock behaviour with cairo-dock, support Adium themes
Pidgin-Libnotify+ Go Provides libnotify notifications
Pidgin Advanced Sound Notification Go This plugin adds sounds for some notifications to pidgin (e.g. "Incoming Filetransfer" or "Authentication requested").
PidginSnarl? Go Notifications using Snarl on Windows
Smart Ear Go Customized per-buddy sound events

Profile and status updates

Plugin Name Website Short Description
Away-on-Lock Go Sets you as away when the screensaver gets activated. (Linux Gnome and KDE4)
Full Screen Busy Go Sets the status to busy (or any saved status) when a full screen application is detected. (Windows)
Google Shared Status Go Adds Google Shared Status compatibility that permit to set the status for all the resources connected. This allows to go Invisible...
Google Talk Invisible Go Adds the ability to go invisible with Google Talk (XMPP/Jabber protocol)
Jabber Pseudo Invisibility Go Adds a pseudo invisible status for Jabber/XMPP accounts namely you result offline but you can monitor the status of your favourite buddies (and start conversations). Read carefully How to Use!!!
Last.FM Plugin Go Shows information from your Last.FM / Audioscrobbler profile in your status message.
Lock 'n' Roll Go Set any active accounts to Away (with a user-defined message if applicable) when the workstation locks, and back to Available when it is unlocked. If an account has an existing away message set, Lock ‘n’ Roll leaves it alone. (Windows)
Pidgin-Countdown Go Sets your status counting down to a specific date & time.
Pidgin-Identica-Status Go Use a feed from as your Pidgin status.
Status Hot Keys Go Global shortcut keys to set status and manipulate the buddy window visibility
Status RSS Go Update status from RSS feed
Status to Twitter Go Update Twitter with your Pidgin Status
Twitter in your Profile Go Insert your Twitter history into your profile. It gets updated periodically.
xssidle Go Set idle time based on information from X11 Screen Saver (such as xscreensaver).

'now playing' plugins

Plugin Name Website Short Description
MusicInfo Go Displays the currently-playing music in your status message and profile. Winamp API compatible.
Music Tracker Go Displays the music track currently playing in the status message. Supports a wide range of audio players.
Pidgin-Audacious-Remote Go Updates the status message using custom information retrieved from Audacious Media Player. This plugin also allows control over Audacious Media Player from the Pidgin conversation windows (play, pause, next...).
pilt spotify Go "now listening" plugin for spotify
YuLastFM Go Yu Pidgin tune status plugin.

Interface tweaks

Plugin Name Website Short Description
Adium to Pidgin themes converter Go Allows to convert themes from Adiumxtras site
Autohide Go Buddy list improvements like autohide, always on top and hide min/max buttons
autoresize Go Automatically update the buddy list to fit its contents (vertically).
Character Counter Go Plugin for displaying the character count of the current message.
Extended Buddy List Sort Go Adds more buddy list sorting options
keys per minute Go Counts the keys per minute while you are typing a message and displays it.
Manual Resize Go and Go Allows manually resizing the conversation window entry area.
pidgin-cmds Go Various conversation commands
Pidgin Conversation Locker Go Prevent closing of important conversations(/tabs) by selectively locking them.
pidgin-nudge Go Shakes your conversation window when you receive a nudge/buzz/zap
Pidgin Personal Bar Go Adds a section at the top of your buddy list to change your display name and personal message.
Pidgin Windows Position Manager Go Places new conversation windows intelligently in Windows (i.e. doesn't always put them in the top left corner).
Protocol Icon Override Go Lets you pick the protocol icon to display per-account
Quote selected text Go Quick specify message to answer
Scroll to bottom Go Scrolls chat history of created conversation windows automatically to the bottom.
Session Save Go Session Save will remember what conversation windows you had open the last time you used Pidgin, and re-open them for you when you sign on.
Smiley Shortcuts Go Inserts a smiley on ctrl+(number) combination.
TooBars Go Add toolbar, status bar, context menu to Pidgin buddy list, hide main menu, change all status by menu (not through Statusbox!) and much more
TooButtons Go Add Send and Close buttons to Pidgin conversations
Toolbar Shrink Go Shrinks the toolbar of the conversation windows by hiding the text of the buttons.
WrapMenu Go Wrap main menu if it is too wide

Accounts and logs

Plugin Name Website Short Description
IM-History Plugin Go Provides easy and convenient way to store your chats and contact list online (using service).
logstatus Go Logs all the status changes to the buddy history.
Office Hours Go A plugin that logs you out if you go idle outside your 'office hours' so you can log in the same account(s) at home. In perl so may not work on MS Windows
pidgin-autoanswer Go A personal adviser, that tries to find suitable answers in your previous logs
pidgin-juice Go Web-based iPhone interface for Pidgin/Finch?
Pidgin Backup Go Simply back up your preferences (prefs.xml)
Web Pidgin Go Access buddy list and conversations via mobile web browsers
Web Pidgin Z Go Fork from the original Web Pidgin. A lot of new features and bugfixes like Ajax support, digest authentication, webserver logs and gtalk-like grouping of messages and much more


Plugin Name Website Short Description
Auto Translate Go Auto translates incoming IMs
b64 Go Base 64 encoding of chat messages (A very simple Perl plugin)
Birthday Reminder Go Reminds you of your buddies birthdays.
Block <user> has left the conversation. Go Very simple plugin that blocks the message "<user> has left the conversation."
Block AOL System Msg Go Very simple plugin that blocks messages from "AOL System Msg" when you are logged into AIM from multiple locations.
core-answerscripts Go Framework for hooking simple but powerful "answerscripts" to received messages.
DockApp Go or Go Allows Pidgin to appear as an AfterStep Wharf icon.
Extended Preferences Go Provides some often-requested preferences
Fonomo Video Go Enables Video-chat invitations via (requires Adobe Flash v9 or higher)
Google Invisibility Half Scan Go Find out if your (Gtalk) buddies are INVISIBLE. Note: This is an "HALF SCAN" because you can not establish with certainty that a buddy is invisible (read Description).
Google Invisibility Tracker Go This plugin alerts you when a buddy of yours (using Gmail, GTalk Lab Edition or iGoogle) go invisible
Hide Inactive Buddies Go Plugin to hide inactive buddies in buddy list. Determine inactive buddy by status.
Juick Plugin Go Plugin specially designed for Juick xmpp-microblogging service, providing support for moods and inline avatars
Language Translator Go Plugin to translate outgoing text from English language to selected language.
Olark Go Live chat for your website, monitor website visitors (IP address, geo loc., URL visiting) from pidgin buddy list.
PaintBoard Go This plugin allows you to draw with your friend on common board.
pidginTeX Go Renders mathematical expressions. Lots of options, size, colors, etc. Built upon Pidgin-LaTeX.
Pidgin-convreverse Go Reverses any word on all conversation.
Pidgin-googledesktop Go Google Desktop Indexing Plugin for Pidgin
Pidgin-LaTeX Go Allows you to include mathematical formulas in your conversations.
Pidgin Embedded Video Go A GTK plugin to watch videos directly into your Pidgin conversation
Pidgin ZNC Helper Go This plugin removes ugly double-timestamps when replaying messages from ZNC bouncers, e.g. "(13:00:00) [12:00:00] Lunch time!".
Pidglet Go A Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget that displays your buddy list.
Purple Plugin Pack Go Provides over 50 various plugins, including oft-requested IRC-related plugins.
QIP decoder Go Corrects invalid incoming QIP 2005 diacritics and local symbols
Send Screenshot Go Take a screenshot and send it to a buddy.
STFW Go A plugin that helps you teach your buddies how to use google.
Textbon Go Textbon hyperlinks recognizable IM shorthands or acronyms or shortcuts. On user click, these links translate Instant Messaging acronyms or shorthands to definitions using the acronym database.
URL Shortener v0.9b3 Go Perl plugin to shorten long urls. Especially useful for finch. Download and put in plugins directory. URLs are shortened as they come in if they exceed maximum length setting. no action required. Requires some perl libraries to work.

Development of Third-Party Plugins

If you're looking to develop a third-party plugin, you may find these resources valuable:

All information, including names and email addresses, entered onto this website or sent to mailing lists affiliated with this website will be public. Do not post confidential information, especially passwords!