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Third-Party Plugins

This page is intended for plugin developers to make their plugins more visible to users. We don't provide hosting for plugins as we simply do not have the resources to do so. We do, however, encourage anyone hosting their own plugins to add them to the list below!

Note that we do not support any of these plugins. If you have problems with the plugins, please contact the plugin's author using resources available on the plugin's website. Please do not file tickets in the Pidgin bug tracking system, as we do not develop or support these plugins.

"Normal" Plugins

These plugins appear in the plugins list and provide additional functionality.

Plugin Name Website Short Description
Automatic Change Buddy Icon Go After setting a refresh time, a directory to scan for images, and a flag for a recursive scan, this plugin will change your buddy icon automatically
Character Counter Go Plugin for displaying the character count of the current message.
Extended Preferences Go Provides some additional, often-requested preferences for Pidgin.
gSMS Go Provides sms notification of received chats while the user is away. Sms notificiation is provided by Google Calendar service.
Guifications Go Provides "toaster" popup notifications.
IM-History Plugin Go Provides easy and convenient way to store your chats and contact list online (using service) for Linux and Windows users.
Lazy Bums Go Lazy Bums is a Gaim/Pidgin? plugin what sends a "hmm" to the other person or equally cryptic message and can be used in any kind of situation.
Led-notification Go Provides notifications with laptops extra leds and similar
MX610-notification Go Provides notifications with Logitech MX610's IM led
Mumbles-project Plugin Go Pidgin Plugin for mumbles-project - modern notification system for Gnome (linux only).
Music Info Go Music Info is a plugin what lets you display the music that you are listening to in your away message, available message, and profile. Works, theoretically, with any player what supports Winamp API.
Music Tracker Go Music Tracker is a plugin which displays the music track currently playing in the status message. Support for a wide range of audio players on both Windows and Linux platforms.
Off-the-Record Messaging Go Allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging.
Pidgin-Audacious-Remote Go Allows control over Audacious Media Player from the Pidgin conversation windows.
Pidgin-Encryption Go Transparently encrypts your instant messages with RSA encryption.
Pidgin-LaTeX Go Allows you to include mathematical formulas in your conversations.
Pidgin Enhanced History Go Provides similar functionality to the stock History plugin, but provides more features and options.
Pidgin Meebo Me Go Handles authorization and deletion of Meebo guest accounts.
Pidgin-privacy-please Go Pidgin privacy please is a pidgin plugin to stop spammers from annoying you.
Pidgin Windows Position Manager Go Places new conversation windows intelligently in Windows (i.e. doesn't always put them in the top left corner).
Pidgin-Paranoia Go Provides information-theoretically secure encrypted conversations using one-time pads.
PidginSnarl? Go Nice notifications using Snarl on Windows
pidginTeX Go Renders mathematical expressions really fast. Lots of options, size, colors, and more. Built upon Pidgin-LaTeX.
Purple Plugin Pack Go Provides over 50 plugins for Pidgin, Finch, and libpurple.
Session Save Go Session Save will remember what conversation windows you had open the last time you used Pidgin, and re-open them for you when you sign on.
Smart Ear Go Smart Ear allows you to opt to play sounds when a buddy sends you an IM, signs on, returns from away or idle, or any combination of these.

Protocol Plugins

These plugins do not appear in the plugins list. Instead, they create new entries in the protocol field of the account editor and enable the user to connect to new IM or chat networks.

Protocol Name Website Short Description Go Plugin to connect to the IM service
NateOn Go Plugin to connect to the korean IM NateOn
Netsoul Go Plugin for the netsoul IM network used at engineering schools in Paris, France
Rediffbol [ Go Plugin for the Rediffbol IM network which is used by some groups in India
SIP-e (MS Communicator) Go Plugin to connect to the MS Communicator IM server Go Plugin to connect to the polish IM
WinMX Peer Network Go WPN (WinMX Peer Network) chats through WPNP (WinMX Peer Network Protocol)
XFire Go Plugin to connect to the XFire gamers' IM network (snapshots required for Pidgin support)

Loader Plugins

These plugins do not appear in the plugins list. Instead, they allow loading plugins written in other languages.

(None listed yet)

Additional Plugins

Note that additional plugins are still hosted on our old Sourceforge Tracker. Some of these plugins may be updated to work with Pidgin, and some still may be for older versions.

Other Enhancements

These plugins/services provide additional functionality for Pidgin, but do not fit into any of the other categories of plugins.

Name Website Short Description Go Lets you chat with visitors to your website for free using Pidgin.

Development of Third-Party Plugins

If you're looking to develop a third-party plugin, you may find these resources valuable:

All information, including names and email addresses, entered onto this website or sent to mailing lists affiliated with this website will be public. Do not post confidential information, especially passwords!