My name is Peter Ruibal. I'm 23, residing in Folsom, CA. I've written a couple of patches for pidgin, and filed a couple bugs...

You can talk to me:

  • E-mail: ruibalp@…
  • AIM: ruibalp@…

Ideas for plugins

  • Text Replacement / Spell Check Integration
  • Catching MSN Messenger Win32 Events for "now playing" info...
  • Buddy Notes - Infopane integration
  • Authentication - (on windows, Using native windows apis)
  • Meebo plugin
    • Use jrpomeroy's plugin as a base (support denoted by *)
    • Option to auto-adding guests from meebome*
    • Option to select default group?
    • Handling of xmpp nick (change, don't use default alias)
    • Possible easier interface for accessing meebo-rooms (than room-listing @conference.gc*
    • Handling of rooms specific xmpp extensions. (x-urls, x-category, etc...)
    • Fix broken room contacts (*@conference.gc* pidgin adds them as buddies, and load incoming room contacts (*@conference.gc* as chats.
  • Twitter/microblogging prpl
    • Use status text for posting updates
    • Don't autohide status text?
    • Buddies?

Open Tickets Submitted by fmoo

XMPP: Implement XEP-0172: User Nickname
XMPP chatoom Info from service discovery identity (XEP-0128)
"Conversation > Add/Remove" menu item isn't updated when the action is performed for Chats.
Conversation/Find does not highlight newly received messages
/join should present or show hidden persistent chats instead of nothing.

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