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I am Sadrul Habib Chowdhury. I work mostly on Finch (or the-application-previously-known-as-gaim-text) and libgnt.


  • freenode: sadrul
  • aim: adilshc
  • jabber: imadil@…
  • email: sadrul@…


Here's a list of stuff I want to have in Finch, libgnt, Pidgin and libpurple:

  • Finch
    • A plugin like markerline to mark the last viewed text in a chat/im.
    • A way to group conversation windows. This can probably be done using a plugin.
    • A 'Get Info' button in the authorization-request dialog.
  • libgnt
    • Split input strings to make sure everything works smoothly over a very slow connection. Done
    • A file selector. This will help implementing the file/folder selection in libpurple's request api. Done
    • Multiline textboxes.
    • Separator in trees.
    • Create a UI from an XML description. For example, "<vbox><label>Hello World</label><button>OK</button></vbox>" will generate a nice little dialog box. Done
    • A spell-checker.
    • An image-viewer. Perhaps use aalib for this. From a brief look, I think Designing a new driver is the way to go.
  • Pidgin
    • Move the history plugin into libpurple.
  • libpurple
    • Allow executing some perl/tcl etc codes using the respective plugin loaders without requiring to write a plugin.

If you find any of these interesting and want to implement them, feel free to contact me.

Open Tickets Assigned to Me

3.0.0 milestone tickets:

Replace PluginPref API with Request API
Finch 3.0 shows messages from the user as system messages
Finch 3.0 appears to leak incoming messages

Patches Needing Improvement milestone tickets:

"View Log" (History) does not support Conference Chats (Multi-user chats)

Patches Needing Review milestone tickets:

Finch does not resize correctly (irssi)
Finch Irssi window manager draws conversation window at wrong X coordinate
libgnt arrow keys not working properly under urxvt
separate color option for gchat "do not disturb" vs "away"
Port finch's pietray to pydbus + PyGI + GTK3 + StatusNotifierItem

Patches welcome milestone tickets:

Finch shows a suboptimal set of statuses
Finch tab support
Finch Mouse support slight enhancements...
no XMPP service discovery in Finch
Edit Icon Theme - Restart to default after pidgin closed
Official Plugin edit list and contact theme

2.10.1 milestone tickets:

Allow disabling of vv support per account

milestone tickets:

the tray icon is not shown
When I start typing any non-latin letter in finch, the letter M appears first
Collapse buddy group sometimes hides the group
Finch internal clipboard window does not stretch to fill the terminal
Need socks5/Http proxy support for Finch
libgnt: Switching to nex/prev window
Finch deletes buddy pounces on start
error: inet_aton missing
Finch lost color for nicknames
finch: no way to join channel on server without open windows
Can't bind several bindings in finch and man page doesn't help
"Conversation Colors" plugin breaks the displaying of a sent image in an AIM direct IM
Allow user to expand all windows simulaneously
highlight chat name a unique color/boldness when your name is typed
Standardize Keyboard Shortcuts
purple_conversation_present doesn't seem to work
Finch: duplicated notification tabs for new mail
Finch crashes on accepting conference invitation
buddy icon opening in finch
LIBS in pidgin-2.6.4/finch/libgnt/Makefile should include -ldl and -lm
A relative path to change wm entry in .gtnrc
finch notification system
Window width bug in finch when not using 80-character width
Finch sound gntsound.c PURPLE_SOUND_GOT_ATTENTION
Add different taskbar notifications for CHAT conv wrt PURPLE_MESSAGE_NICK
finch problem with connectbot Android with ALT key
Finch: Open ICQ-Buddy-Invations in Background
finch gets slow when resizing windows if it's been running for a while
Window does not resize/maximize back
finch keybindings keys shortcut hot
libngt segfaults frequently but after a random amount of time when google talk calls are in progress
finch crashes on quit
gnttree falls into an assertion loop on tab key in New IM dialog
finch disconnects from freenode's IRC a lot
using ncurses from a non-/usr/include directory doesn't update finch's .pc
finch sometimes spins CPU forever when manually IMing someone in AIM
Immediate Segfault on FreeBSD
Unread Message Notification/Indication

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