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Commands API. More...

#include "conversation.h"

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#define PURPLE_CMD_FUNC(func)   ((PurpleCmdFunc)func)
enum  _PurpleCmdStatus {
 The possible results of running a command with purple_cmd_do_command(). More...
 Commands registered with the core return one of these values when run. More...
enum  _PurpleCmdPriority {
 Flags used to set various properties of commands. More...
typedef enum _PurpleCmdStatus PurpleCmdStatus
typedef enum _PurpleCmdRet PurpleCmdRet
typedef PurpleCmdRet(* PurpleCmdFunc )(PurpleConversation *, const gchar *cmd, gchar **args, gchar **error, void *data)
 A function implementing a command, as passed to purple_cmd_register().
typedef guint PurpleCmdId
 A unique integer representing a command registered with purple_cmd_register(), which can subsequently be passed to purple_cmd_unregister() to unregister that command.
typedef enum _PurpleCmdPriority PurpleCmdPriority
typedef enum _PurpleCmdFlag PurpleCmdFlag


Commands API
PurpleCmdId purple_cmd_register (const gchar *cmd, const gchar *args, PurpleCmdPriority p, PurpleCmdFlag f, const gchar *prpl_id, PurpleCmdFunc func, const gchar *helpstr, void *data)
 Register a new command with the core.
void purple_cmd_unregister (PurpleCmdId id)
 Unregister a command with the core.
PurpleCmdStatus purple_cmd_do_command (PurpleConversation *conv, const gchar *cmdline, const gchar *markup, gchar **errormsg)
 Do a command.
GList * purple_cmd_list (PurpleConversation *conv)
 List registered commands.
GList * purple_cmd_help (PurpleConversation *conv, const gchar *cmd)
 Get the help string for a command.
gpointer purple_cmds_get_handle (void)
 Get the handle for the commands API.
void purple_cmds_init (void)
 Initialize the commands subsystem.
void purple_cmds_uninit (void)
 Uninitialize the commands subsystem.

Detailed Description

Commands API.

See also:
Command Signals

Definition in file cmds.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef PurpleCmdRet(* PurpleCmdFunc)(PurpleConversation *, const gchar *cmd, gchar **args, gchar **error, void *data)

A function implementing a command, as passed to purple_cmd_register().

document the arguments to these functions.

Definition at line 63 of file cmds.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Flags used to set various properties of commands.

Every command should have at least one of PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_IM and PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_CHAT set in order to be even slighly useful.

See also:
PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_IM  Command is usable in IMs.

PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_CHAT  Command is usable in multi-user chats.

PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_PRPL_ONLY  Command is usable only for a particular prpl.

PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_ALLOW_WRONG_ARGS  Incorrect arguments to this command should be accepted anyway.

Definition at line 88 of file cmds.h.

Commands registered with the core return one of these values when run.

Normally, a command will want to return one of the first two; in some unusual cases, you might want to have several functions called for a particular command; in this case, they should return PURPLE_CMD_RET_CONTINUE to cause the core to fall through to other commands with the same name.

PURPLE_CMD_RET_OK  Everything's okay; Don't look for another command to call.

PURPLE_CMD_RET_FAILED  The command failed, but stop looking.

PURPLE_CMD_RET_CONTINUE  Continue, looking for other commands with the same name to call.

Definition at line 51 of file cmds.h.

The possible results of running a command with purple_cmd_do_command().

Definition at line 35 of file cmds.h.

Function Documentation

PurpleCmdStatus purple_cmd_do_command ( PurpleConversation conv,
const gchar *  cmdline,
const gchar *  markup,
gchar **  errormsg 

Do a command.

Normally the UI calls this to perform a command. This might also be useful if aliases are ever implemented.

conv The conversation the command was typed in.
cmdline The command the user typed (including all arguments) as a single string. The caller doesn't have to do any parsing, except removing the command prefix, which the core has no knowledge of. cmd should not contain any formatting, and should be in plain text (no html entities).
markup This is the same as cmd, but is the formatted version. It should be in HTML, with < > and &, at least, escaped to html entities, and should include both the default formatting and any extra manual formatting.
errormsg If the command failed errormsg is filled in with the appropriate error message. It must be freed by the caller with g_free().
A PurpleCmdStatus indicating if the command succeeded or failed.

GList* purple_cmd_help ( PurpleConversation conv,
const gchar *  cmd 

Get the help string for a command.

Returns the help strings for a given command in the form of a GList, one node for each matching command.

conv The conversation, or NULL for no context.
cmd The command. No wildcards accepted, but returns help for all commands if NULL.
A GList of const char *s, which is the help string for that command.

GList* purple_cmd_list ( PurpleConversation conv  ) 

List registered commands.

Returns a GList (which must be freed by the caller) of all commands that are valid in the context of conv, or all commands, if conv is NULL. Don't keep this list around past the main loop, or anything else that might unregister a command, as the const char *'s used get freed then.

conv The conversation, or NULL.
A GList of const char *, which must be freed with g_list_free().

PurpleCmdId purple_cmd_register ( const gchar *  cmd,
const gchar *  args,
PurpleCmdPriority  p,
PurpleCmdFlag  f,
const gchar *  prpl_id,
PurpleCmdFunc  func,
const gchar *  helpstr,
void *  data 

Register a new command with the core.

The command will only happen if commands are enabled, which is a UI pref. UIs don't have to support commands at all.

cmd The command. This should be a UTF-8 (or ASCII) string, with no spaces or other white space.
args A string of characters describing to libpurple how to parse this command's arguments. If what the user types doesn't match this pattern, libpurple will keep looking for another command, unless the flag PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_ALLOW_WRONG_ARGS is passed in f. This string should contain no whitespace, and use a single character for each argument. The recognized characters are:
  • 'w': Matches a single word.
  • 'W': Matches a single word, with formatting.
  • 's': Matches the rest of the arguments after this point, as a single string.
  • 'S': Same as 's' but with formatting.
If args is the empty string, then the command accepts no arguments. The args passed to the callback func will be a NULL terminated array of NULL terminated strings, and will always match the number of arguments asked for, unless PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_ALLOW_WRONG_ARGS is passed.
p This is the priority. Higher priority commands will be run first, and usually the first command will stop any others from being called.
f Flags specifying various options about this command, combined with | (bitwise OR). You need to at least pass one of PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_IM or PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_CHAT (you may pass both) in order for the command to ever actually be called.
prpl_id If the PURPLE_CMD_FLAG_PRPL_ONLY flag is set, this is the id of the prpl to which the command applies (such as "prpl-msn"). If the flag is not set, this parameter is ignored; pass NULL (or a humourous string of your choice!).
func This is the function to call when someone enters this command.
helpstr a whitespace sensitive, UTF-8, HTML string describing how to use the command. The preferred format of this string is the command's name, followed by a space and any arguments it accepts (if it takes any arguments, otherwise no space), followed by a colon, two spaces, and a description of the command in sentence form. Do not include a slash before the command name.
data User defined data to pass to the PurpleCmdFunc f.
A PurpleCmdId, which is only used for calling purple_cmd_unregister, or 0 on failure.

void purple_cmd_unregister ( PurpleCmdId  id  ) 

Unregister a command with the core.

All registered commands must be unregistered, if they're registered by a plugin or something else that might go away. Normally this is called when the plugin unloads itself.

id The PurpleCmdId to unregister, as returned by purple_cmd_register.

gpointer purple_cmds_get_handle ( void   ) 

Get the handle for the commands API.

The handle

void purple_cmds_init ( void   ) 

Initialize the commands subsystem.


void purple_cmds_uninit ( void   ) 

Uninitialize the commands subsystem.


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