Pidgin Branches

This is an attempt to document the various branches in Monotone, their status, and any dependencies. Developers, CPWs, and contributors: Please add to this.

Master Password

Webkit Message View and Adium styles

Privacy Rewrite

Remote Logging

Telepathy prpl

MSNP16 "Multiple Points of Presence"

  • Merge in: 2.7.?
  • See also: #8247
  • msnp16 branch
  • Remaining:
    • Verify file transfers.
    • Fix smileys transfer.


  • Remaining:
    • Lots

Jingle file transfer

  • jingle ft branch
  • Remaining:
    • Wait for XEPs related to this to reach draft (0234, 0260, 0261)

File transfer thumbnails

  • ft thumbnails branch
  • Remaining:
    • Adds API...
    • XEP support (for XMPP) (XEP 0264) will probably not reach draft status before the Jingle ft XEPs

Google relay support

  • google relay branch
  • Remaining:
    • Still only works connecting to a Google relay when making a call, can not receive calls through them
    • Will this be needed when/if Google switches to standard XEPs/TURN standard?
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