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Fleshing out my plan for future How-To documents

C Plugin How-To

This document is a stub page. Its sole purpose is to provide convenient and easy-to-find linkage to the actual tutorials on plugin development. We will cover a variety of topics, as outlined below.

  1. Basic C Plugin How-To - Start here. This covers the core basics needed to write a plugin.
  2. Plugin Actions How-To - This covers using the Plugin Actions facilities to provide additional features.
  3. Choosing Plugin ID's - This covers how to properly select a plugin ID.
  4. Request API How-To - This covers using the Request API to request input from the user.
  5. Notify API How-To - This covers using the notify API to inform the user of events.
  6. Signals How-To - This covers using signals to detect events and act accordingly.
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