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Change History for DbusHowto

Version Date Author Comment
10 8 years lew21 Update to pydbus 0.5.
9 8 years lew21 Update to pydbus and Python 3.
8 10 years MarkDoliner Make inter-wiki links relative (and especially don't link to http, …
7 12 years QuLogic Fix doxygen links
6 13 years deryni
5 15 years darkrain42 Updated the C code because apparently UINT changed to INT at some …
4 15 years snktagarwal The log could be changed to more recent ones!!
3 15 years shantzg001 Added clarification note about received-im-message signal
2 16 years flyingmatch
1 16 years shreevatsa Writing D-Bus scripts to work with Pidgin
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