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Change History for DesignGuidelines

Version Date Author Comment
12 15 years MarkDoliner Add a section about non-blockingness
11 15 years MarkDoliner Add a paragraph about writing clean/simple code (not just clean/simple UI)
10 15 years MarkDoliner Use just 'prpl' and not 'PrPl?'
9 15 years MarkDoliner Change libPurple to libpurple
8 16 years MarkDoliner
7 17 years MarkDoliner
6 17 years seanegan
5 17 years datallah
4 17 years John Bailey PrPl? is not a wiki page
3 17 years elb
2 17 years lschiere
1 17 years elb There's a lot more to go here, but this is a stab at it.
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