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Change History for FAQssl

Version Date Author Comment
22 9 years mmcco Anyone using Debian Woody has bigger problems
21 12 years nosnilmot this page may now be dangerous to your health
20 14 years QuLogic This is not necessary.
19 14 years herrtodd Instructions on preventing the GnuTLS plugin from being used when NSS …
18 15 years darkrain42 Yahoo now requires SSL.
17 16 years resiak Link directly to the OpenSSL license anchor of the FSF's GPL …
16 16 years resiak Mention recent Ubuntodes; update the example "no SSL!" message from …
15 16 years John Bailey minor tweaks to resiak's last changes.
14 16 years resiak Give a summary right at the top; embolden openssl a bit.
13 16 years jeannedarc With the old version of gnutls (0.8) I had compilation problems with …
12 17 years nosnilmot
11 17 years nosnilmot
10 17 years tmcmahon2
9 17 years tmcmahon2 Changed the Solaris bits to include pidgin builds in Solaris Express …
8 17 years John Bailey FAQssl is DONE!
7 17 years John Bailey
6 17 years John Bailey
5 17 years John Bailey
4 17 years John Bailey
3 17 years John Bailey
2 17 years John Bailey
1 17 years John Bailey
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