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Project Goals

  1. Create a flexible and versatile theme manager for Libpurple that would be useful for many clients not just Pidgin.
  2. Give Pidgin the ability to use themes for
    • The buddy list (GTK theme switcher?)
    • Sounds
    • Icons
    • Smileys
    • Conversations (later as part of the Webkit integration)
  3. Create a intuitive and easy to use GUI for users to manage the themes as an extension to the Libpurple theme manager
  4. Develop the Pidgin website download section to support themes and add-ons
  5. Integrate Webkit into Pidgin to display conversations (there is WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1, stable, it just need to be packaged by distro vendors)

Possible additions, time permitting

Continue to add support to website for add-ons such as protocol plug-ins, which are currently maintained as part of the wiki and are developed by third parties.

Inclusion of Finch theme capabilities.

Guifications merge and integrate themes

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