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    1616 1. Protocol documentation
    18 Current Activities: (Community Bonding Phase)
     18As of 08 March 2009:
    20 1. "Open Inbox" for yahoo accounts: DONE
    21      Comments: Fixed "Open Inbox" ie Accounts > Yahoo > Open Inbox
    22                The feature used to work with most browsers, but fail with Konqueror. Now works with it too.
    23                There was problem in generated token, Now instead of HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1 is used to send the
    24                POST request to obtain the token. Chunked data's size is read and used to extract the token.
    26 2. Opening Inbox from notified "New Mail" dialog: PENDING
    27      Comments: I do not yet understand the purpose of "Open All Messages".
    28                If I have M new emails from Gmail, and N from Yahoo. Clicking "Open All Messages" would give me
    29                M Gmail login screens and N Yahoo ones. Thats not good.
     20With the merge of into im.pidgin.pidgin, following features were added to the libpurple's yahoo implementation:[[BR]][[BR]]
     211. p2p support[[BR]]
     22        a) setup p2p connections with buddies: connect as a server, or as a client[[BR]]
     23        b) send/receive IMs over the p2p connection[[BR]]
     24        c) send/receive typing notifications over the p2p connections[[BR]]
     25        d) send p2p keepalives[[BR]]
     26        e) p2p file transfers- send/receive as client/server[[BR]]
     272. send/receive sms through yahoo[[BR]]
     28    eg- to send sms, use +<countrycode><phone-no>, eg- send it to "+919990012345"[[BR]]
     293. MSN interoperability[[BR]]
     30        a) add, remove buddy by using prefix "msn/" with the the id[[BR]]
     31               eg- to add wlm id as a yahoo buddy, add "msn/"[[BR]]
     32        b) send/receive IM, notifications[[BR]]
     33        c) change group[[BR]]
     34        d) presence settings[[BR]]
     36The code has been reviewed by the project mentor, Mark Doliner. Further reviews will be highly appreciated. Please be on the look for any bugs or crashes.
     38Suggestions are welcome.
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