ICQ Encoding Progress

Here we will attempt to identify precisely what does and does not work as far as ICQ encodings in communication with the official ICQ client. If you can confirm an entry in the below tables currently marked with a question mark (be sure you know that the remote client is the official client of the appropriate version!), please update the table and provide an annotation below. If you are reporting something broken, please attach a packet dump (binary tcpdump format with a snaplen of 1500 if possible!) to the ticket and include a comment to that effect in your annotation.


ICQ Locale Pidgin Version Pidgin Encoding Offline Messages Away Messages Available Messages Buddy Info Auth Request
Bulgarian ? ? Broken ? Broken ? ?
German ? ISO-8859-1 Broken? Works? Works? Broken? Broken?
German 2.4.2 CP1252 Works Works Works Fixed in 2.4.3 Broken (2.4.3)
Russian 2.4.2 CP1251 Works ? Works Broken* Broken
Hebrew 2.4.2 ISO-8859-8 Works Works Works Works Broken*
German 2.5.0 CP1252 Works Works Works Works Broken
German 2.5.0 ISO-8859-1 Works Works Works Works Broken
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