Installing Pidgin on Ubuntu

The Pidgin instant messaging client may already be installed, you can check by clicking on the "Application" menu, then selecting the "Internet" sub-menu. If "Pidgin Instant Messenger" is displayed you already have Pidgin installed.

If you cannot find the Pidgin you can install it via the "System" menu, "Administration" sub-menu and starting the "Synaptic Package Manager".

Once Synaptic is loaded, press the "Search" button and enter "Pidgin" as the name you want to search for. Once Synaptic has returned a list of software with Pidgin in its name scroll down until you find the entry that is exactly "pidgin" and right click on it. From the right click menu select the package for installation and "Apply" the changes using the button in the toolbar.

This action will install Pidgin any other software that it depends on.

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