Change History for MSNCertIssue

Version Date Author Comment
14 6 years MarkDoliner Insignificant typo fix in comment
13 6 years MarkDoliner Link to root cert using https to reduce the likelihood of man-in-the-middle
12 6 years Robby Typo
11 6 years QuLogic Comment out upgrade instructions, temporarily.
10 6 years QuLogic Update page for new MSN cert problem
9 6 years datallah Change viewmtn reference to point at hgweb
8 8 years rekkanoryo Amazingly, people still are having trouble with this…
7 8 years rekkanoryo
6 8 years rekkanoryo
5 8 years rekkanoryo Some tweaks and a crapload more text.
4 8 years QuLogic
3 8 years nosnilmot
2 8 years deryni
1 8 years deryni
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