Abandoned Patches

Abandoned patches in this context are patches that we find unacceptable in their current state. A patch lands here if we have waited more than a year for the submitter to fix his or her patch. We welcome contributors who wish to pick up one of these patches and make it acceptable!

Joining AOL rooms with Pidgin
Nepali (ne) translations of PIDGIN 2.10.1
IRC SASL login fails when nickname is taken
API 3.0.0: PURPLE_VERSION_CHECK(2,x,0) returns FALSE
Protocol autoswitching should print out a notification in the conversation window
Your own alias does not show up in chat rooms
icq search
Making pidgin receive multiple files.
Logs don't support RTL text correctly.

Rejected Patches

Rejected patches are patches which are turned down due to design or other non-technical reasons. Although we don't believe them to have wide-spread use, they may still be useful for a select few, and so they remain opened as a 'rejected_patch'.

order tabs by last post
Extended aim_userinfo_t (user client detection, icqinfo.crap unfolding)

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