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Change History for SecurityVulnerabilityProcess

Version Date Author Comment
14 10 years elb
13 11 years datallah Update developer process to include private repo usage instructions
12 13 years MarkDoliner Add note about packages mailing list.
11 14 years John Bailey Fix my typo
10 14 years John Bailey Note that plain-text password storage is not a vulnerability.
9 14 years MarkDoliner
8 14 years MarkDoliner
7 14 years MarkDoliner
6 14 years MarkDoliner
5 14 years datallah Fix formatting
4 14 years MarkDoliner
3 14 years MarkDoliner Incremental changes
2 14 years MarkDoliner Incrementatl changes
1 14 years MarkDoliner Initial version
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