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    2323=== Practices which should be encouraged (required?) ===
     25 * '''Introduce yourself:''' Students should send an email to the devel mailing list and introduce themselves and explain what they're working on.
    2526 * '''Public communication:''' Students should be encouraged to take as much interaction as possible to the public mailing list, XMPP MUC, or IRC channel.  Not only are private communications less in the "spirit of open source", but they make it more difficult for other mentors and project participants to keep track of progress.
    2627 * '''Mailing list status reports:''' "Push" status is helpful for those who are not following a particular SoC project closely, but may be affected by its progress in ways they did not anticipate.
     28 * '''News posts on''' We haven't done this in the past, but posting an overview of all SoC projects on the News page would promote SoC and help motivate our students.
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