Status Icon Themes


After downloading a theme and unpacking it into ~/.purple/themes it can be selected in Pidgin.


The easiest way to create is theme is to manipulate an existing one by just replacing the graphics. Here is an simple example for you to work with using the standard icons.


<theme type="pidgin status icon"
       name="Original Pidgin Status Icon Theme"
       author="Hylke Bons"
    Pidgin Original Status Icon Theme

  <icon id="pidgin-status-available" file="available.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-available-i" file="available.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-away" file="away.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-away-i" file="away.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-busy" file="busy.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-busy-i" file="busy.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-chat" file="chat.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-invisible" file="invisible.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-xa" file="extended-away.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-xa-i" file="extended-away.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-login" file="log-in.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-logout" file="log-out.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-offline" file="offline.png" />
  <icon id="pidgin-status-person" file="person.png" />

How to customize this example

  • Download the example
  • Unpack it into ~/.purple/themes/
  • Rename the folder to match your themes' name
  • Open purple/status-icon/theme.xml, it should look something like the template above.
  • The IDs should be pretty self-explanatory. The "-i" suffix is for idle.
  • The directory purple/status-icon contains directories 11, 16, 22, 32, 48, and scalable. They contain the icons in the according size. Pidgin chooses the right size automatically. If a size is not present, GTK+ will fix the closest available size. 'scalable' is not necessary.
  • Replace the icons, create an archive and you are done.
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