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Change History for StyleGuide

Version Date Author Comment
15 9 years MarkDoliner Add note about self-documenting code, and a few other working tweaks.
14 10 years John Bailey Small typo fix.
13 10 years MarkDoliner
12 10 years MarkDoliner
11 10 years MarkDoliner
10 10 years MarkDoliner
9 10 years MarkDoliner
8 10 years MarkDoliner
7 10 years MarkDoliner Small improvements
6 10 years MarkDoliner Update text about comments
5 15 years John Bailey One parameter per line is excessively wasteful.
4 16 years sadrul
3 16 years resiak i like proper dashes
2 16 years resiak Distill some style discussions from devel@cpi into the guidelines.
1 16 years queueram Added Pidgin coding style standards provided by Sadrul
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