Summer of Code 2011

NOTE: This page is a backup for Summer of Code application information. We do not know if Google will be holding a Summer of Code in 2011, nor do we know whether we will be accepted.

Summer of Code 2011 projects have not yet been selected. When they are (see the timeline for more information), they will be listed here. In the meantime, here is some useful information for applicants.

Assorted Information

The Google Summer of Code pages have lots of information about the program.

Our SoCDiscussions page contains some information we have collected about what has worked for us and what has not in previous summers. Nothing on that page is to be taken as set in stone, but it will give you an idea of the sort of things which might be required of you in this year's Summer of Code --- for example, you will likely be required to keep a blog or wiki page updated with your progress as the summer proceeds.

The SoCAndBountyIdeas page has some ideas for SoC projects. Note well that we welcome students' original ideas as well! If you have a great idea for how to make Pidgin or one of its related projects better, please apply!

John Bailey (rekkanoryo) blogged some information about SoC last year, including a series of dos and don'ts and some general information about applying.

How to Apply

Applications must ultimately be turned in to Google using their Summer of Code machinery. See the above Google links for information on how to achieve this.

However, we can give you some advice on what to put in your application and how to make it stand out!

First of all, remember that Summer of Code is a summer job, and treat your Summer of Code application with the same respect you would treat an application for a summer internship. Be prepared to work substantially full-time on your Summer of Code project, and make sure that you have outlined a project which reflects this commitment.

Your application should have at least three major goals:

  1. To convince us that we should pick you over other applicants.

Show us who you are and why you're a great choice for our Summer of Code program. Include some personal information if you like (such as why you participate, or want to participate in open source, your relevant interest, etc.), but make sure that you include information which describes you capability as a developer. If you have worked on open source projects in the past, include some information about what you did and where we can find your work. If you have valuable educational or industry experience, tell us about it. If you've submitted bug reports, patches, or suggestions to us in the past, identify them.

  1. To convince us that your Summer of Code idea is a great choice for furthering libpurple/Pidgin development.

Explain why your project is a benefit to libpurple, Pidgin, or its related projects as a whole. If you are applying for one of our suggested projects, explain why you think your application fits the suggested project goals, and why you think it's the right choice for your application. If you're applying to implement your own idea, tell us why you think your idea is important, and how you would use it as a Pidgin user or developer. Explain why it fits in a multi-protocol instant messenger library or application, and how it benefits the project.

  1. To show us that you understand the project and have a plan for getting it done.

Include a rough timeline for your project, including things like progress milestones and phases of implementation. Make sure you clearly identify what your minimum goals for the summer are, as well as your ideal outcome. (These things may be very different!) Establish that you understand enough about this specific project (remember, you already convinced us that you're a capable developer in part 1) to successfully complete it, by telling us how you'll approach it and what tools you will use to accomplish your goals.

If you follow these steps, you will have a strong Summer of Code application, and you'll be in the running for sure!

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