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    33[ Telepathy] is a communications framework built around DBus. Connections to IM servers, text conversations, and voice calls (for instance) can be implemented with a number of separate processes, interacting via the session bus. This approach allows each component to do one thing well, rather than requiring a single monolithic application to provide every piece of functionality. It also allows any new UI to reuse the existing connection managers rather than having to reimplement every protocol itself.
    5 [wiki:resiak]'s [wiki:SummerOfCode2007 Summer of Code 2007] project, mentored by [ Robert McQueen], was to write:
     5== Telepathy protocol plug-in ==
    7  * a libpurple-based Telepathy connection manager, to provide Telepathy clients with access to the full range of protocols supported by libpurple.
    8  * a Telepathy protocol plug-in for libpurple, to give Pidgin and Finch access to Telepathy implementations of protocols in addition to the implementations in libpurple.
     7[wiki:sttwister Felix Kerekes] is currently working on a [wiki:GSoC2009/TelepathyPrpl libpurple protocol plug-in for Telepathy] for [wiki:SummerOfCode2009 Summer of Code 2009].
    10 It turned out that there was not time to do both, so only the connection manager, ''telepathy-haze'', exists.
     9== libpurple-based connection manager ==
    12 The protocol plug-in is currently being implemented as part of [wiki:SummerOfCode2009 Summer of Code 2009]. You can find more information on the [wiki:GSoC2009/TelepathyPrpl TelepathyPrpl] page.
    14 == Resources ==
    16 telepathy-haze releases are kept on [] and in a distro repository near you. Its git repository can be browsed at [].
    18 Haze bugs live over on ['s bugzilla].
    20 (The `im.pidgin.soc.2007.telepathy` branch of's monotone repository contains nothing useful.)
     11[wiki:resiak Will Thompson] started [wiki:TelepathyHaze telepathy-haze] — a Telepathy connection manager based on libpurple — for [wiki:SummerOfCode2007 Summer of Code 2007], mentored by [ Robert McQueen]. (His project proposal also originally included writing a Telepathy prpl, but there wasn't time.)
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