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Changes between Version 543 and Version 544 of ThirdPartyPlugins

Nov 27, 2019, 9:22:41 AM (4 years ago)
Eion Robb



  • ThirdPartyPlugins

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    265265|| Google Invisibility Tracker || [ Go] || This plugin alerts you when a buddy of yours (using Gmail, GTalk Lab Edition or iGoogle) go invisible ||
    266266|| Growl || [ Go] || Perl plugin to use Growl. Requires growlnotify. Particularly useful for finch where an IM in a different window may go unnoticed. ||
     267|| Headset || [ Go] || Supports mute and hangup buttons from USB headsets ||
    267268|| Hide Inactive Buddies || [ Go] || Plugin to hide inactive buddies in buddy list. Determine inactive buddy by status. ||
    268269|| Instant messaging Remote Access || [ Go] ||  Client/server plugin to exec commands/open a shell in a virtual terminal on buddies PC. It's a kind of telnet via Instant Messaging ||
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