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    11= How to Submit a Patch =
    3  1. [/search Search] the ticket database to see if there is some ticket with similar patch before submitting a duplicate patch.
    4  1. [/newticket Create a new ticket]. Note: You must be logged in!
    5  1. Select the type "patch".
    6  1. If your patch closes one of the "defect" tickets please mention this.
    7  1. We prefer patches generated using `hg diff` or (if you're not using Mercurial) `diff -u`
     3 1. [/search Search] the ticket database to see if there is a ticket which matches the bug/enhancement you are working on.
     4 1. If your patch fixes one of the tickets, include "Fixes #xxx." in your commit message, with "xxx" being the ticket number.
     5 1. Create a pull request at [ the Bitbucket repository].
    86 1. We prefer patches that are the [wiki:RightThingToDo].
    97 1. Remember to include your full name as you would like to be cited in COPYRIGHT, !ChangeLog, and the commit log. An e-mail address is useful, too.
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