XDG Specification define some directories to store information: Data, Config, Cache, Runtime. We need to figure out how to split the information we have now into this different categories. Also see ticket:10029 for the discussion leading to this wiki.

I am writing some of the data we manage now to find it a good place. Please discuss it in devel@… and/or change the table by yourself.

File Information XDG destination
accounts.xml Account Protocol XDG_CONFIG
Account name XDG_CONFIG
Statuses XDG_DATA ?
blist.xml Groups XDG_CACHE
Settings XDG_CACHE
certificates/ * XDG_DATA
icons/ * XDG_CACHE
logs/ * XDG_DATA
pounces.xml * XDG_CONFIG
prefs.xml Decide one by one *
* *
smileys/ TBD TBD
status.xml TBD TBD
xmpp-caps.xml TBD TBD
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