Default Keyboard Shortcuts (Key Bindings)

This page contains a list of the default keyboard shortcuts, also known as key bindings, for menu items. This list intentionally leaves out menu accelerators, as they are not user-configurable.

Notes About Key Bindings

Remember that it is possible to change a key binding within Pidgin. This FAQ entry explains one way. The other way is to modify .purple/accels. (See this FAQ entry for help on finding your .purple directory if you use Windows; otherwise it should be in your home directory.)

Buddies Menu

Menu ItemDefault Keybinding
New Instant Message...<Control>m
Join a Chat...<Control>c
Get User Info...<Control>i
View User Log...<Control>l
Add Buddy...<Control>b

Accounts Menu

Menu ItemDefault Keybinding

Tools Menu

Menu ItemDefault Keybinding
File Transfers<Control>t
Mute Sounds<Control>s

Help Menu

Menu ItemDefault Keybinding
Online HelpF1

Conversation Menu

Menu ItemDefault Keybinding
New Instant Message...<Control>m
Clear Scrollback<Control>l
Get Info<Control>o

Options Menu

Menu ItemDefault Keybinding
Show TimestampsF2
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