File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*account.hAccount API
o*accountopt.hAccount Options API
o*blist.hBuddy List API
o*buddyicon.hBuddy Icon API
o*certificate.hPublic-Key Certificate API
o*cipher.hPurple Cipher API
o*circbuffer.hBuffer Utility Functions
o*cmds.hCommands API
o*connection.hConnection API
o*conversation.hConversation API
o*core.hStartup and shutdown of libpurple
o*dbus-bindings.hPurple DBUS Bindings
o*dbus-server.hPurple DBUS Server
o*debug.hDebug API
o*desktopitem.hFunctions for managing .desktop files
o*dnsquery.hDNS query API
o*eventloop.hPurple Event Loop API
o*ft.hFile Transfer API
o*gaim-compat.hGaim Compat macros
o*gnt-skel.h-skel API
o*gnt.hGNT API
o*gntaccount.hGNT Account API
o*gntbindable.hBindable API
o*gntblist.hGNT BuddyList API
o*gntbox.hBox API
o*gntbutton.hButton API
o*gntcertmgr.hGNT Certificate Manager API
o*gntcheckbox.hCheckbox API
o*gntclipboard.hClipboard API
o*gntcolors.hColors API
o*gntcombobox.hCombobox API
o*gntconn.hGNT Connection API
o*gntconv.hGNT Conversation API
o*gntdebug.hGNT Debug API
o*gntentry.hEntry API
o*gntfilesel.hFile selector API
o*gntft.hGNT File Transfer UI
o*gntidle.hGNT Idle API
o*gntkeys.hKeys API
o*gntlabel.hLabel API
o*gntline.hLine API
o*gntlog.hGNT Log viewer
o*gntmedia.hGNT Media API
o*gntmenu.hMenu API
o*gntmenuitem.hMenuitem API
o*gntmenuitemcheck.hCheck Menuitem API
o*gntnotify.hGNT Notify API
o*gntplugin.hGNT Plugins API
o*gntpounce.hGNT Buddy Pounce API
o*gntprefs.hGNT Preferences API
o*gntprogressbar.hProgress Bar API
o*gntrequest.hGNT Request API
o*gntroomlist.hGNT Room List API
o*gntslider.hSlider API
o*gntsound.hGNT Sound API
o*gntstatus.hGNT Status API
o*gntstyle.hStyle API
o*gnttextview.hTextview API
o*gnttree.hTree API
o*gntutils.hSome utility functions
o*gntwidget.hWidget API
o*gntwindow.hWindow API
o*gntwm.hWindow-manager API
o*gntws.hWorkspace API
o*gtkaccount.hGTK+ Account Editor UI
o*gtkblist-theme-loader.hPidgin Buddy List Theme Loader Class API
o*gtkblist-theme.hGTK+ Buddy List Theme API
o*gtkblist.hGTK+ Buddy List API
o*gtkcertmgr.hGTK+ Certificate Manager API
o*gtkconn.hGTK+ Connection API
o*gtkconv.hGTK+ Conversation API
o*gtkconvwin.hGTK+ Conversation Window API
o*gtkdebug.hGTK+ Debug API
o*gtkdnd-hints.hGTK+ Drag-and-Drop arrow hints
o*gtkeventloop.hPidgin GTK+ Event Loop Implementation
o*gtkft.hGTK+ File Transfer UI
o*gtkgaim-compat.hGtk Gaim Compat macros
o*gtkicon-theme-loader.hPidgin Icon Theme Loader Class API
o*gtkicon-theme.hPidgin Icon Theme Class API
o*gtkidle.hGTK+ Idle API
o*gtkimhtml.hGTK+ IM/HTML rendering component
o*gtklog.hGTK+ Log viewer
o*gtkmedia.hPidgin Media API
o*gtkmenutray.hGTK+ Tray menu item
o*gtknickcolors.hGTK+ Conversation API
o*gtknotify.hGTK+ Notification API
o*gtkplugin.hGTK+ Plugin API
o*gtkpluginpref.hGTK+ Plugin Preferences
o*gtkpounce.hGTK+ Buddy Pounce API
o*gtkprefs.hGTK+ Preferences
o*gtkprivacy.hGTK+ Privacy UI
o*gtkrequest.hGTK+ Request API
o*gtkroomlist.hGTK+ Room List UI
o*gtksavedstatuses.hGTK+ Saved Status Editor UI
o*gtksession.hX Windows session management API
o*gtksmiley.hGTK+ Custom Smiley API
o*gtksound.hGTK+ Sound API
o*gtkstatus-icon-theme.hPidgin Icon Theme Class API
o*gtkstyle.hGTK+ Style utility functions
o*gtkthemes.hGTK+ Smiley Theme API
o*gtkutils.hGTK+ utility functions
o*gtkwhiteboard.hThe PidginWhiteboard frontend object
o*idle.hIdle API
o*imgstore.hIM Image Store API
o*internal.hInternal definitions and includes
o*log.hLogging API
o*media-gst.hMedia API
o*media.hMedia API
o*mediamanager.hMedia Manager API
o*mime.hRudimentary parsing of multi-part MIME messages into more accessible structures
o*minidialog.hAPI for the PidginMiniDialog Gtk widget
o*nat-pmp.hNAT-PMP Implementation
o*network.hNetwork API
o*notify.hNotification API
o*pidgin.hUI definitions and includes
o*pidginstock.hGTK+ Stock resources
o*pidgintooltip.hPidgin Tooltip API
o*plugin.hPlugin API
o*pluginpref.hPlugin Preferences API
o*pounce.hBuddy Pounce API
o*prefs.hPrefs API
o*privacy.hPrivacy API
o*proxy.hProxy API
o*prpl.hProtocol Plugin functions
o*request.hRequest API
o*roomlist.hRoom List API
o*savedstatuses.hSaved Status API
o*server.hServer API
o*signals.hSignal API
o*smiley.hSmiley API
o*sound-theme-loader.hPurple Sound Theme Loader Class API
o*sound-theme.hPurple Sound Theme Abstact Class API
o*sound.hSound API
o*sslconn.hSSL API
o*status.hStatus APIA brief explanation of the status API:
o*stringref.hReference-counted immutable strings
o*stun.hSTUN API
o*theme-loader.hPurple Theme Loader Abstact Class API
o*theme-manager.hTheme Manager API
o*theme.hPurple Theme Abstact Class API
o*upnp.hUniversal Plug N Play API
o*util.hUtility Functions
o*value.hValue wrapper API
o*whiteboard.hThe PurpleWhiteboard core object
\*xmlnode.hXML DOM functions
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